Crazy Bitcoin Stories That You Won’t Believe Are Real –

Bitcoin has been around for over a decade, and during that time it has become one of the most popular currencies around the world. Given the huge trading potential and myriad benefits, it’s safe to say that many people have developed a keen interest in cryptocurrency that has resulted in some incredible stories over the years. We’re excited to announce that while many of these stories can get pretty wild, most have a positive outcome that gives us hope for the future of Bitcoin. Without further ado, here are some of the craziest bitcoin stories you will love to read.

The race wins slowly and steadily

In its early days, Bitcoin was barely worth enough to get you a cheap hot dog from a food truck! While this certainly seemed daunting to many, one anonymous person believed in Bitcoin’s potential and reportedly managed to buy over 12,000 bitcoins over a year. Our anonymous hero was busy with life, leaving Bitcoin to focus on other things, but never forgetting his little treasure and regularly checking the latest updates about the cryptocurrency, its value and the evolution of his small investment.

When 2013 came and bitcoin prices skyrocketed to $ 1,000 per bitcoin, the person was sitting on a multimillion dollar fortune! With a lot of restraint and patience, our hero began to gradually sell his stock so as not to attract attention. With a fairly large sum, the individual invested on several fronts to secure their future. The most shocking thing about the whole story – this person kept his job despite his rapidly growing fortune! If that’s not immense willpower, then we don’t know.

The teenage millionaire

This story has gotten pretty popular over the years, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you heard about it by now. Even so, it is definitely worth the second reading. Bitcoin trading has become a pretty big trend lately, with incredible guides, software, and apps like being published all the time to help us achieve our cryptocurrency dreams. This type of advanced trading software can help us navigate the Bitcoin trading process easily and potentially make us millions, but the story of Erik Fineman and his path to making Bitcoin fortune dates back to a time before all of that!

After Eric Fineman received $ 1,000 as a birthday present from his grandmother when he was 11, instead of spending it on the latest game console like most other kids his age, Eric Fineman decided to invest his money in Bitcoin! It did so back in 2011 when you could get Bitcoin for just $ 11, so naturally its investment paid off a few years later when his Bitcoin amassed a staggering $ 100,000! The savvy young entrepreneur used his income to start an online education company, which put him on the path to becoming a millionaire before he turned 18!

The Bitcoin Hitman puzzle

Not all Bitcoin stories have a positive twist, and that’s the case with the story of an Italian woman who used Bitcoin to hire a hitman! There have been a few instances of Bitcoin being used for illegal activity over the years, but this failed murder plan is one of the strangest. The rented hit was meant for the woman’s boyfriend, but when the deal went wrong the native Dane was found guilty, resulting in six years in prison. In addition, the woman also lost her residence privileges in Denmark, her home country, for over three decades.

The $ 100,000 hard drive

Here is a bitcoin trading story that takes an unfortunate turn. James Howells, a man from Wales, started working with Bitcoin from his PC in 2009. After a while, when he decided it was time to upgrade, he disassembled the device and not long afterwards tossed the parts away. The catch – the hard drive was full to the brim with bitcoins! If you look at bitcoin prices today, the estimate of bitcoins on the hard drive would be worth around $ 100,000, something Howells will be upset about for a while.

Surprisingly, Howells took the whole situation pretty well. He regrets not thinking through his actions, but he knows he can’t go back in time and fix things. Despite his bad luck with Bitcoin, the man is still pretty active when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. When asked what he would do if he ever managed to restore the hard drive, James Howells said he would get a Lamborghini – a worthy goal by our standards.

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