is the official crypto partner of Paris Saint-Germain

Known for its innovation, Club Paris Saint-Germain has hit the headlines and announced that it will partner with for a multi-year period. It is a cryptocurrency exchange platform whose growth is not matched by any of its competitors. is poised to become the official crypto hub partner for PSG, and the partnership includes the issuance of non-fungible tokens exclusively from PSG on the NFT site of In addition, they are taking an innovative step towards sponsoring. It could even be described as a groundbreaking step in history, as a large part of the sponsorship fees are paid with the crypto token CRO, the native cryptocurrency of

The Paris Saint-Germain football arsenal has become one of the most fortified and enviable in the world. Some heavyweights who recently joined the standout club include Lionel Messi, Achraf Hakimi, Sergio Ramos and Gianluigi Donnarumma. No wonder that PSG’s international attractiveness is growing day by day. It was only a matter of time before they teamed up with, another giant, albeit in the cryptocurrency sector. Corresponding reviews, among the many milestones that has achieved are over 10 million subscribers and one of the top 10 financial applications on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. In addition, their popular crypto card can be obtained in at least thirty countries. has a long history of profitable collaborations in the sports industry by entering into top international partnerships with UFC, Formula 1 and the Lega Serie A. In fact, it’s the first crypto exchange hub to come with an NHL team and an F1. team worked together.

PSG Chief Partnership Officer Marc Armstrong said their shared pursuit of growth and innovation led to this fruitful collaboration. The partnership will ensure that PSG remains at the forefront of lifestyle, esports and digital.

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