Crypto Flipsider News – June 28 – Bitcoin Hashrate, Binance, Cardano, India, Andy Warhol, Dogefather and Copydogs From DailyCoin

Crypto Flipsider News – June 28th – Bitcoin Hashrate, Binance, Cardano, India, Andy Warhol, Dogefather and Copydogs

Greetings to crypto evangelists as well as dog lovers only,

Today is Monday and here is the weekly news roundup from DailyCoin Flipsider. The crypto room is busy as always. Check out all of these events that happened in just two days. Nobody chills by the pool with a cocktail in hand. Well, maybe just Elon considering new dog adoptions. It’s his birthday today, so have fun Elon!

Otherwise, the following has happened:

  • Mining difficulty drops to a record level
  • Curse on Binance: Great Britain, Canada, Japan
  • the number of staking addresses increased
  • Crypto Investments In India Up Nearly 20,000%
  • Quant Coin is up 125% in a week
  • Musk won the Doge Prize again, has another dog in his sights
  • Andy Warhol’s NFT artwork sold for $ 2.8 billion

Bitcoin’s hashrate has fallen to the two-year low

Bitcoin’s total computing power has dropped to its lowest level since summer 2019. Bitcoin’s hashrate is down 66% in the last month. According to data from, it is now 58 tera-hashes per second (TH / s).

The hashrate began to decline after China imposed Bitcoin mining bans and restrictions on miners. Hundreds of them decide to switch off and move abroad. Accordingly, the price of Bitcoin also crashed.


  • The Bitcoin blocks have yet to be confirmed by someone at all costs. Miners around the world are counting the boost in sales, while China is losing the global market leader status of the Bitcoin hashrate.

The world is going to be a tough place for Binance

The Binance crypto exchange is under the global control of financial regulators.

  • The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) bans Binance’s regulated activities on UK soil. The regulator says China-affiliated Binance Group and its companies are not licensed to operate in the kingdom.
  • The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) warned Binance against offering services without registration.
  • Binance will close in Ontario, Canada. The province has required unregistered crypto exchanges to comply with local securities law since March.


  • The largest crypto exchange ignored such warnings for years. Now the world is shrinking and Binance seems to be on the run. But nobody knows exactly where the headquarters are. Maybe Binance just likes to live like a refugee. Why so?

Cardano has increased the number of staking addresses

Cardano has increased the number of stalking addresses. The network has added 50,000 new addresses in the past 3 weeks. This is an increase of more than 8% during one month.

The current number of staking addresses on a Cardano network exceeds 660,000, according to the Cardano statistics website The total amount deployed on the network is $ 30.12 billion.


  • Cardano isn’t the only staking monster in town. Projects like Tezos, Cosmos or Icon (NASDAQ 🙂 are on their way with sharpened teeth to make their contribution.

Despite regulatory uncertainty, crypto investments in India rose nearly 20,000%

Investments in digital currencies in India rose from $ 200 million to $ 40 billion last year. This is more than the incredible 19,900% growth, says Blockchain Analytics Chainalysis.

That main force behind the massive surge is investors under the age of 35 who are showing a greater interest in digital coins than gold.


  • It’s as incredible as it sounds. The Central Bank of India warned of the crypto regulations and even a possible ban. However, nobody seems to care. Young generations are changing traditions and choosing investments that are lighter than normal kilos of gold.

Quant (QNT) is up 115% in a week

Quant (QNT) cryptocurrency price has seen 115% growth over the past seven days. The coin peaked from $ 47.1 to an all-time high of $ 98.55 during a week when most altcoins were falling painfully. The surge occurred right after the QNT coin was listed on Coinbase Pro.

The Quant (QNT) project aims to connect the world’s distributed ledgers for faster, more efficient growth.


  • The effects of Coinbase are becoming unpredictable. Last week we commented on the lack of effect on AMP (OTC 🙂 and LPT coins after the listing. But things seem to work a lot better for Quant. However, the magic could be related to Quant’s upcoming protocol upgrade.

Dogefather is expanding its shelter: Elon Musk tweeted about Doge, Shiba Inu and Floki

Elon Musk returned to his digital dogs. More precisely on digital dog meme cryptocurrencies:

  • The recently hated crypto price influencer smashed virtual beer glasses with the DogeCoin co-founder on Twitter and welcomed the offer to keep DOGE as a fun coin. DogeCoin was up 8% instantly.
  • On the same day, Musk also petted a Shiba Inu (SHIB) with his tweet about doge killers. The post quoted “My Shiba Inu will be called Floki”. SHIB was instantly increased by 16%.
  • Floki Inu, meanwhile, was a no-name before Musk. The dog meme made a U-turn to the moon and back as Mr. Musk showed support.


  • Elon is no longer a crypto villain. He’s a good Samaritan for dog coins. Even the one with magical powers. Who else could look after three competing dog coins similarly in one day?
  • Anyway, happy birthday man!

Andy Warhol’s NFT artwork sold for $ 2.8 billion

Andy Warhol’s “Three Self-Portraits” artworks were sold as NFTs for $ 2.8 million on the Binance NFT marketplace. The market square started last week with symbolized artwork by pop art icon Andy Warhol and surrealist Salvador Dali.

Tron founder Justin Sun bid the largest amount and won the NFT “Three Self-Portraits” for $ 2.8 million.


  • Justin Sun has found a new form of investment. Holds Picasso and Warhol, went after Beeple, and even started his NFT mutual fund to mint digitized versions of the world’s finest works of art. Awakening reputation for the art collectors and crypto community of the world.


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