Crypto Santa Claus: Tron (TRX) Justin Sun $ 20,000,000 and Tesla Car Giveaway

Justin Sun, founder of the 10th largest coin by market cap, TRON (TRX), is one of the most recognizable and respected names in the crypto industry and recently announced one of the community’s favorite giveaways: $ 20,000,000 free cash and a Tesla car.

Titled – Global Appreciation Campaign in the picture, Justin Sun celebrates the success of his blockchain network, adding USDT to TRON and BitTorrent. As highlighted on the tweet, all you have to do is follow the post and tweet it again to be part of the giveaway. To reassure the mint’s fans and supporters that this is neither a fake post nor a hack, Mr. Sun added:

My previous tweet wasn’t a hack.
Tronic’s appreciation is always real! #
Tesla is on its way to becoming a lucky winner! #
Bit torrent

Justin Sun already has over 966,000 followers and the tweet has been retweeted over 35,000 times. While the model of the electric car has to be revealed, many are calling this a way to get Elon Musk’s attention to the crypto-verse. Even so, Musk has labeled Bitcoin brilliant and better than paper money. Tesla’s CEO has not yet added the coin as a means of payment for the company.

Justin Sun’s 2019 goals from Tommy Mustache on Twitter:

Tron had reached all of the milestones he set for 2018.

Here are Justin’s predictions for 2019. One of them is to have Tron in the top 4 of the CMC by the end of 2019.

I’ll be happy to be fifth or sixth, but I’m not going to complain about being fourth for sure. 😁

– Tommy Mustache # ❤️❤️❤️ (@MustacheTommy) January 2, 2019

TRON Latest –

OKEx’s customer-to-customer (C2C) market continues to gain momentum as Tron (TRX) is now supported. The Malta-based exchange has partnered with the Tron Foundation to enable Fiat-to-Cryptocurrency trading on a peer-to-peer basis.

In addition to supporting blockchain startup projects, we are constantly reviewing and adding new tokens with enormous market requirements.
Given Tron’s recent development, we are very confident that the project’s ambitious moves will go a long way towards building a better blockchain ecosystem.
We are very excited to have Tron in our C2C market, especially after seeing the token’s consistently good performance in our spot and derivatives markets. – Andy Cheung – OKEx Operations Manager

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