Cryptocurrency Theta Network Decreases More Than 5% in 24 Hours

In the last 24 hours Theta Networks (CRYPTO: THETA) The price is down 5.48% to $ 6.62. This continues its negative trend last week when it posted a 2% loss and moved from $ 6.92 to its current price.

The following graph compares the price movement and volatility for Theta Network over the last 24 hours (left) with the price movement over the past week (right). The gray bands are Bollinger Bands that measure volatility for both daily and weekly price movements. The wider the bands or the larger the gray area at a given point in time, the greater the volatility.

Trading volume for the coin has declined 56% over the past week, while the coin’s total circulating supply has increased 0.48% to over 1 billion. The current market capitalization of THETA is # 29 with 6.76 billion.


Where can you buy Theta Network?

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