DASH Price Analysis: The DASH price rises above the 200 EMA as the market continues to firm up

  • DASH price broke for the first time in two months before critical resistance from the 200 EMA
  • The price to publish DASH / USDT is $ 182 based on a 4% increase over the past 24 hours
  • Valkarie Investments announces the launch of Dash Trust

DASH Token projects overbought signals on the daily chart


Like the majority of crypto assets, DASH Token enjoyed the privilege of the July crash, seeing an overall recovery of 62%. This extended rally enabled price action to form a double bottom pattern on the daily chart.

Today’s pump in the broader markets has caused DASH price to swing high of $ 184. As price action continues the final leg of the W-shaped recovery, DASH price could rise another 15%. At the time of writing, DASH’s price was consolidating below the $ 184 resistance line.

For the coming day, investors can expect the price to exceed today’s swing high. The fact that today’s green candlestick has devoured yesterday’s candlestick adds to the bullish outlook. A break above this barrier will signal a resurgence in buyers who will further open the path towards USD 210.

However, the battier of the 200 exponential moving average appears to be a critical point in determining bull strength. A daily close above the EMA provides a dynamic cushion of support for the price and ensures that the roadmap towards USD 210 is intact.

While the upswing tale has credibility, a lack of volume could delay the upswing. As you can see on the graph, the daily volume is tormented by the pressure of the 20-period moving average. The lack of sufficient pressure to buy could increase the likelihood of a minor correction.

The RSI indicator predicts a slight increase in momentum as shown by the RSI line entering the pre-bought territory. The consolidating momentum within the 12-hour RSI suggests that the price will break into the overbought zone.

Valkyrie Investment recognizes DASH tokenomics and announces the launch of DASH Valkyrie DASH Trust

A big moment in the DASH community came when Valkyrie Investments, one of the leading AMCs in the United States, decided to launch its fourth investment vehicle.

With an incredibly tight supply of $ 10.2 million DASH in circulation, 45% of which is staked, needless to say the network has one of the most impressive tokenomics out there. Valkyrie Investments, which aims to capitalize on the digital asset ecosystem, has finally recognized the potential of the DASH project.

The AMC is known for its past sponsors, including Bitcoin, Polkadot, and Algorand. Now that gem has been brought into the spotlight when DASH was officially announced as the fourth investment vehicle.

The sole aim of this trust fund is to enable those who remain underserved by traditional businesses to take advantage of financial services that the DASH ecosystem has to offer.

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