Dedicated crypto enthusiast embarks on the “21-Day Bitcoin Challenge”

Despite China’s cryptocurrency crackdown, a Chinese cryptocurrency enthusiast recently embarked on a twenty-one day journey just to survive on just a small supply of Bitcoin, no more, no less.

21 days, 0.21 Bitcoin

When it comes to die-hard cryptocurrencies, there is no one as dedicated as China-based crypto advocate He You Bing, who recently walked down China’s streets to begin their 21-day challenge centering on the daily use of Bitcoin spins. Oddly enough, the You Bing part of her name is slang colloquially used as an insult, as the two Chinese characters can be read as “having a disease / problem” while her full name, as TechCrunch puts it, alludes to “the girl is over” – Enthusiasm for Bitcoin. “

Regardless, as recorded on iQiyi, one of China’s Netflix equivalents, He You Bing is said to survive for 21 days on just 0.21 bitcoin, or $ 1,350 at the time of writing, with their self-imposed rules dictating that they be You are not allowed to have anything on you at the beginning of the challenge, with the exception of your phone. The original goal was that in Beijing and Shenzhen, two booming metropolises on the east coast of China, she could use a Bitcoin wallet on her cell phone to get enough food, adequate accommodation and essentials.

And while the challenge is now drawing to a close, it is interesting to look back on her unique, yet enlightening experience.

At first, the enthusiast ran into some problems, to put it mildly, with virtually all of the vendors she contacted revealing that they neither accept bitcoin or crypto assets in general, nor understand the concept of what cryptocurrencies are and what they do.

Plus, her first win had nothing to do with Bitcoin, so to speak, as she found an unlocked rental bike that she rode around Beijing. As such, on her first day in the concrete jungle, she had to feed on packets of ketchup and supermarket sample products while she slept in a fast food restaurant.

Surprisingly, the trials and ailments of the first day didn’t make her second and third day any better, in fact, it can be argued that those days were much worse as she ended up in the hospital for lack of nutrition and a stomach ailment from eaten fruit and a leftover burger . But as the story of He You Bing gained prominence on the Chinese intranet, other enthusiasts like her flocked to her side, with over 3,000 people forming WeChat groups to support Bing.

After these groups were formed, Bing’s Bitcoin life became what resembled a dream when the aforementioned 3,000 backers began offering her supplies in exchange for BTC while also helping her find places that would accept digital assets. Now she has bought train tickets, hotel stays and her meals, all with Bitcoin and nothing else.

While the challenge likely deviated from its original plan, the support it received shows that the Chinese cryptocurrency community is as strong as ever, even in the face of stubborn regulators and strict rules and guidelines aimed at preventing the use and development of crypto contain.

Anyway, there is still a long way to go because even though her supporters have selected Bitcoin-friendly stores, over 99 percent of the people she approached probably thought she was crazy when they brought up the idea of ​​Bitcoin, which was called ” “Internet money is called” magically in some circles. So maybe we should take a step back and not only focus on the challenge of Bing, but also take note that there are still many around the world who don’t yet know what crypto is.

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