Delta Cargo celebrates the 50th anniversary of its DASH service

Delta Cargo is celebrating the 50th anniversary of DASH, the same day express delivery service for small packages sent within the United States.

Andy Kirschner, Delta’s Director of Cargo Sales Americas, commented, “Delta was one of the first airlines in the US to offer a same-day express shipping option. Today Delta is one of our most popular products, and perhaps the one we are best known for.

“Over 40% of the domestic cargo we move annually is carried as DASH. We carry everything from wedding dresses, film reels, trophies, film props, and human organs for transplants to passports and other urgent documents.”

DASH user Bert Mesa, vice president of global field operations at MNX Global Logistics, said the service was invaluable to his business.

“At MNX, our customers rely on our precision logistics services to provide patients and mission-critical parts with life-saving therapies that help businesses thrive,” he said. “When every moment counts, we need more than just a provider, we need a partner. And with Delta DASH we have a partner who enables us to deliver the speed, precision, efficiency and accuracy that our customers demand. “

To mark DASH’s anniversary, Delta Cargo published five facts about the service:

1) DASH was launched on October 15, 1970.
DASH started out as DEPS (Delta Expedited Package Service). In June 1971 the service was renamed DASH (Delta Air Lines Special Handling) and expanded to all US cities of Delta.

2) It is Delta Cargo’s most popular product.
In 2019, Delta carried more than 1.3 million DASH shipments. DASH is Delta’s most popular U.S. freight (excluding U.S. Post) product.

3) DASH Critical moves life-saving programs.
Delta Cargo carries an average of 15 lifeguard shipments (time sensitive heart and other organs) and 800 lifesaving human organs for transplantation through DASH Critical, launched in 2017, weekly. Delta Cargo said the product’s signature light pink box is easy to identify for urgent shipments.

4) Atlanta is the top airport for DASH broadcasts.
Nearly 50,000 DASH shipments were shipped from Atlanta in 2019, closely followed by Los Angeles and New York-JFK.

5) The DASH innovation continues.
Last year, Delta delivered DASH door-to-door for the first mile / last mile directly to the customer on the same day. This has been expanded to include the delivery of heavy goods earlier this year.

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