DIY Raspberry Pi EOS hardware wallet project

Using an OLED Bonnet Pack on a Raspberry Pi Zero Mini PC LiquidEOS has released instructions for creating an EOS hardware wallet with the small mini PC for $ 41. The LiquidEOS-Scatter DIY hardware wallet is a great way to keep your EOS safe. Full instructions are available on the Medium website along with soldier instructions and how to assemble the operating system.

“One of the benefits of hardware wallets is immunity to computer viruses that steal software wallets. In addition, the private key information is never made available to the functioning system and is securely stored in the hardware wallet. “

“The safe cold storage of EOS is currently one of the top priorities for the EOS ecosystem. We’re excited to publish this step-by-step guide on how to create your own EOS hardware wallet. This is the first of many releases from the LiquidEOS team as we build an EOS R&D hub in Israel and work with local teams to accelerate the development of dApp and open source on EOS. “

Further details on the Raspberry Pi project can be found on the Medium website under the following link.

Source: Medium: Adafruit

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