DMX remembers as the “very deep, very poetic” soul of Dame Dash

Dash spoke to the late presenter about his “brotherhood” and called X a “lion” “cut from a certain fabric”.

There was a lot of condolences and fond memories shared on DMX today. It’s bittersweet considering we celebrate him on the day of his death, but his friends, fans, and family members remember the beloved presenter and the light he brought to the culture. Recently, Funk Flex suggested that people in the industry are often waiting to use moments like this for their clout by posting pictures and sad captions. He called on the industry to call DMX a friend but not visit him over the years.

Dame Dash seems to disagree with this stance. “I don’t care what other people do to post pictures. I don’t judge other people. They will do what they do, “the media mogul allegedly said.” That does not have anything to do with me. The only thing I am thinking about right now is being positive and sending positive energy. “

“I will not turn away from the love I have for my brother,” continued Dame. “I just know how much this must hurt the Ruff Ryders and Swizz [Beatz]. It just hurts to think about life. Everyone dies, everyone is in pain; it’s just a matter of when. I just didn’t expect it to be like this now. “

Dash called DMX a “very deep, very poetic” man who was a “lion … cut from a certain cloth”. He added, “This one hurt. It was like we found a brotherhood before music. It was a competition, but we were always brothers. DMX would have rap fights on pool tables. After the rap fights, he would perform and go right after [Madison Square] Garden for the ‘Hard Knock Life’ tour. “

“It’s just not how we want to see it, you know what I mean?” Rest in peace for Earl Simmons.


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