Dogecoin, Binance Coin and Chainlink Price Analysis: July 27th

There was a distinct difference in the way the major cryptocurrencies were traded yesterday and today, the profits had vanished from the market as the coins fell near their key support levels. The overall outlook for the crypto market still looked pretty pessimistic. Dogecoin struggled to find support above the $ 0.19 mark, Binance Coin’s trading volume plummeted as buyers left the market, and despite Chainlink’s sizable double-digit growth last week, it showed increased capital outflows.


DOGE / USD, TradingView

DOGE was rejected by the $ 0.22 el Levovernight and prices landed back at $ 0.20; it lost 9.5% of its rating in the past 24 hours. The meme coin struggled to maintain its crucial tech support level of $ 0.19. From a technical standpoint, DOGE could only hit levels below its current prices, which means it could potentially drop below $ 0.19.

A bearish crossover flashed by MACD Indicator led to the growing red histograms, which suggested the falling pressure was increasing at the time of going to press. Bollinger bands had opened wide, a reading that confirmed the increased opportunities for volatility.

Chaikin money flow imagined he was running out of capital inflows given that demand for the Alt was falling along with buying pressures, but the indicator was rising slightly at press time, suggesting that capital inflows may have increased somewhat.

Binance coin

Dogecoin, Binance Coin and Chainlink Price Analysis: July 27th

BNB / USD, TradingView

At the time of going to press, BNB was priced at $ 308; it tried to test its $ 331 resistance level but was unable to reach that point. If the BNB began to bounce back it could easily drop below the $ 291 mark and land around $ 280.

Squeeze momentum indicator showed that the market got into a squeeze, which meant low volatility, but a price breakout could not be completely ruled out. Bearish print mounted as Great oscillators The red signal bars became larger at the time of going to press.

Capital inflows haven’t really increased like that Chaikin money flow.

Chain link

Dogecoin, Binance Coin and Chainlink Price Analysis: July 27th

LINK / USD, TradingView

Chainlink prices showed a strong rebound; however, in the daily timeframe it fell by almost 2.4%. The price of the old was $ 18.61 at the time of writing.

The market weakness came back as prices fell; Average direction index stayed below the 40 mark, suggesting a weakening of the trend. Chaikin money flow was parallel to the center line, suggesting that capital inflows have decreased in recent days.

On July 27th, a bullish crossover occurred on MACD Indicator that indicates that bullish momentum is increasing.

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