Dogecoin is back on the Twitter trend list!

The discussions about Dogecoin are active again on Twitter, as the graphics show a slight increase after an eventful weekend. And as always, tweets pile up one after the other with slogans of “Dogecoin to the moon”, which echo against the walla of the social media platform. It appears to be a pretty fertile spring for Dogecoin after a rather low period of steady declines. Therefore, the excitement of the DOGE enthusiasts about the slight increase is quite justified. In the past 24 hours, the coin has seen a 1.96 percent increase. Since its inception as a meme coin, Dogecoin has had a rather turbulent journey with literal ups and downs. More the latter than the former. With its surprising changes, it has been synonymous with volatility, which is in fact the fundamental characteristic of any cryptocurrency.

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Dogecoin investors have seen commendable changes in the past few days. And a main reason for the abrupt changes is Elon Musk. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s affinity for Dogecoin was a major factor in its rise and fall. And, as usual, the recent spike in Dogecoin prices, small as it is, is due to Elon Musk and his Shiba Inu pup Floki. The current positive change is in response to a recently updated picture of Floki. This in itself explains the massive influence and influence that Elon Musk has on cryptocurrency. While this influence is fascinating at first, it also brings the shortcomings and dangers of the cryptocurrency into the picture, which depends heavily on the whims of a single person who can spontaneously decide the price of the coin with a single tweet or a picture update. Another reason for the sudden attention to Dogecoin could be millionaire Mark Cuban, who believes Dogecoin is a “great introduction” to cryptocurrency and who seems determined to defend DOGE despite setbacks from Bitcoin maximalists. He made these comments during a recent live audio conversation on Twitter Spaces.

Type on spaces: “Hey Mark, stop talking about Dogecoin” @mcuban: “No”

– greg (@ greg16676935420) October 17, 2021

Call @mcuban for the # Doge # dogecoin defense

– Adriano (@AdrianoinJapan) October 17, 2021

If you didn’t listen to the room with @mcuban last night then you were missing out on an amazing discussion. #Dogecoin #BTC

I also decided to buy more #dogecoin afterwords.

– 🐾 ĐOGE University 🐾 (@dogeuniv) October 17, 2021

Arguments and questions about the future and potential of Dogecoin continue to be made. While many believe that Dogecoin is the future, a good majority are still skeptical, especially because of its high volatility and uncertainty. Experts often attribute the attention and popularity of Dogecoin to its social media status, which is often glazed with celebrities and other important figures. Beyond this primary draw, however, the question of whether Dogecoin has intrinsic value and scalability is still unanswered, or rather with multiple answers that are quite contradicting each other. The optimists believe that Dogecoin will exceed $ 1 by 2030. As fascinating as the optimism is, we still live in the real world and wild fantasies don’t last long here. Let’s not think about the future for now, but let’s focus on the chain of tweets that have been on the rise since Dogecoin made it onto the trending list.

Let’s start with another brain twister from Musk.

(_ /)
(• _ •)
/> 🚀

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 17, 2021

Think Dogecoin is absurd

– Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@ BillyM2k) October 17, 2021

Sometimes I want to invest more in @dogecoin #dogecoin, but I have so many questions like how much market cap would it need to be to make it three times more dollars? That seems far away if so. I see @Shibtoken #shib as the better option at this point.

– ShibaGUY_TheProdigy (@BigOthe_prodigy) October 18, 2021

#dogecoin is going crazy !! 🚀
All time highs are coming very soon !!!

– #Dogecoin (@ JonQ312) October 18, 2021

#Dogecoin 1HR, 4HR, 1D, 1W

– CryptoDarth (@ cryptodarth69) October 16, 2021

$ Doge just exceeded $ 0.26 cents! 🥴🥴🤩🤩🤩

– TeslaModelÐoge (@TeslaModelDoge) October 18, 2021

#doge is getting ready for the next big pump!

– Myles G Investments (@MYLESGINVEST) October 18, 2021

#Dogecoin just hit 26 cents !!! 🐕🚀

– SlumDOGE Millionaire (@ProTheDoge) October 18, 2021


– Matt Wallace (@ MattWallace888) October 17, 2021

Here it comes … Dogecoin outbreak #doge

– DOGE (@ CarlosS74671189) October 18, 2021

Elon Musk loves #DogeCoin

– Muffin (@JustinScerini) October 18, 2021

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