Dogecoin Prize: Snoop Dogg joins the DOGE hype train with an ‘absurd’ music video by ‘Snoop Doge’ | to city & economy | Finances

Dogecoin’s total market cap is also estimated at around £ 20.18 billion (£ 28.03 billion) – less than earlier this week.

And even though DOGE is in the red today (April 23rd), the owners are still seeing massive gains on their investment.

The token is still more than 4,500 percent higher than it was last year, which is pretty incredible considering that Dogecoin was created as a hoax in 2013.

The mainstream appeal of Dogecoin has not let up, as US rapper Snoop Dogg put his own flair on the Dogeday celebrations this Tuesday.

The musician, real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., has shared a bizarre video related to DOGE with his 19.3 million followers.

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