Dogecoin sports betting, the best legal online DOGE betting sites

If you don’t know what to do with these stimulus checks, Dogecoin betting is the answer! All you need to buy Dogecoin is some cash and an account with a reputable online crypto exchange. You also don’t need fancy dedicated apps to buy Dogecoin. Simply log into a legitimate exchange, create a free account, and link your bank account to your exchange profile. Then send a buy order for DOGE and you’re in.

However, for first-time users of cryptocurrencies, it is important to note that you generally cannot initiate any off-transfer trades – that is, you cannot make Dogecoin online sports betting deposits – for 5 -10 days.

This waiting period only applies to new puppies and their very first transactions. Once you’re an old dog, you’re given a new trick: every time you buy more crypto, you should be able to use it to fund betting – or anything – virtually instantly.

Pro tip: Be sure to track the Dogecoin price and only shop when the Dogecoin value is below its weekly average. This ensures that you have plenty of room for your wealth to grow. In view of the current price of DOGE, of course, that doesn’t matter. As with most cryptos, buying Dogecoin is probably as safe as any other right now. Just make sure you get below the DOGE all-time high, which is just over 70 cents (3rd quarter of 2021).

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