Dogecoin trends on Twitter when it gets serious on Dogeday!

Sam and Jordan are friends closely related to the crypto markets. They often discuss trending topics and make investment decisions together. And today they are talking about Dogecoin.

Sam: We all knew it was coming, Dogecoin is taking over the world economy !!!!

Jordan: Heyyyy…. Slower! that has not happened yet.

Sam: But age, it’s increasing every day and companies are now accepting it as a payment method while celebrities are making memes on it.

Jordan: I think you are right. Let’s buy something for us too. Before it is too late!

Long story short, Dogecoin could be the next big thing in the crypto industry. After the latest price correction, it is already trading at 32 cents. But what changes the game is the great acceptance of the coin. Yes! Companies are now starting to accept Dogecoin as a form of payment. Celebrities like Musk and Snoopdoge talk about it and make memes on it. And yes, investors get rich with such hefty profits. Note: This is not investment advice.

Why the noise?

Dogecoin is worth more than Ford. $ F.

– Ross Gerber (@GerberKawasaki) April 20, 2021

How can there be silence when a meme is worth more than a car brand that is more than a century old? With Dogecoin’s recent price hike, the coin’s market cap has surpassed Ford. And this is just one company, there are several more that are nowhere near as valuable as Doge. It really has to hurt when a company this big isn’t as valuable as a joke. And then we have other brands that accept the same meme as a payment method. Damn it because it’s worth 30 cents.

We are now accepting #dogecoin as the official payment method through BitPay.

Simply click on “Edit” during the payment process in the payment area, select @BitPay and complete your transaction.

Happy #DogeDay everyone, let’s share the good news thttps: //

– Newegg (@Newegg), April 20, 2021

Newegg is one such company that recently partnered with Bitpay to enable Dogecoin payments. It is an online retail company that sells computer hardware and consumer electronics. While the company didn’t mention whether they’ll be holding the coins as D0ge, we can expect that. Another brand that Dogecoin accepts as a payment method is the Houston Rockets. Your rocket store has various goods that can be paid for in Dogecoins. I don’t think there’s a way back from here. With so many companies and investors participating in this big joke, we can safely expect the price to climb to $ 1 soon.

Snoop Doggs Dogecoin Video!

Hey thanks @elonmusk for the spaceship. 🚀 Happy 420. 🎥 Photo credit: @Jessewelle @SamMacaroni

– Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) April 21, 2021

Snoop Dogg’s sense of humor is really high and we can see that in this little parody. There is nothing to explain about it. Just watch and have fun!

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