Elon Musk will host SNL, pump Dogecoin and Bitcoin very soon?

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, will appear on the decade-long TV show Saturday Night Live.

Elon will be the host Saturday Night Live (SNL) on May 8thand to get that hype train rolling for this episode, Musk tweeted “The Dogefather SNL May 8th“Since Musk has been referring to cryptocurrency and Dogecoin in particular, there is a high likelihood that Musk will mention cryptocurrency in one way or another. Most likely Dogecoin, which has played a huge role in its increasing value.

Musk, who mentions Dogecoin or the great papa Bitcoin, will draw the attention of these coins to the millions of people who watch the SNL. If even a small fraction of these people start investing in cryptocurrencies, the market could see a surge based solely on the 50 years that SNL has put in building the audience. We will see. Musk will host SNL on May 8th. You can find more information about this story at this link Here.

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