Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) pursuing common sense with experts, magicians and cat herders July 30, 2020

Several special interest groups and community members identify opportunities to improve the pace of Ethereum innovation and adoption.

Ethereum in the Enterprise 2020 is a virtual conference to be organized by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance on Thursday, July 30th, 2020. This event is a premier gathering of the leading executives, program managers, industry experts and technologists of the blockchain space company.

The event is set to zoom and is free for everyone.

Ethereum in the Enterprise 2020 is organized as a half day event for those who might be interested in exploring the blockchain applications through technical insights and real case studies for use in business and commerce.

This event is special as the business world is looking for reasonable insight to meet their business needs and ensure practical use cases and technical leadership.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance will organize this event. Talented speaker sets are designed to provide their real-world experience in building industrial solutions using blockchain technology and decentralized methods.

The presentations cover everything from the status of Ethereum in the company to the increasing use of Ethereum mainnet for transaction order and data consistency.

Users can hear speakers from famous institutions such as “Banco Santander, EY, Microsoft, BP, DTCC, ConsenSys, JP Morgan, Unibright, Fnality, Perkins Coie LLP, Envision Blockchain Solutions, Chainlink, Ethereum Foundation and others”.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “Enterprise Ethereum Alliance 2020 (EEA) is for those who are hungry for information about the next growth leader with Ethereum (ETH) and blockchain technology. Time allowed – good. “

Topic of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance 2020

The event should cover a wide range of topics such as the mainnet now and in the future, digital bonds on the Ethereum mainnet, evolution and developments, supply chain, accounting for carbon emissions, synchronizing everything and introducing Baseline as a Service.

You should also examine how blockchain works for social impact in terms of payments and financial inclusion. Adopting Ethereum by Businesses – Commerce, Ethereum in Finance, Adopting Ethereum by Enterprise Technologies like Microsoft, Chainlink and iExec.

There’s a lot to talk about, from magicians and cat-herders to funding and development, protocol development, interoperability and data protection tools for DeFi, connecting smart contracts to data and off-chain events, to Microsoft. Those who are hungry for information about anything Ethereum will be binge safe.

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