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LONDON (Bywire News) – The EOS Foundation has announced the second round of recognition grants, and it is the largest to date. Eleven outstanding projects will receive a total of £ 1.1 million.

Recognition grants are intended to honor those projects that have already had an impact on the EOS community and have remained loyal through difficult times. The first wave of grants was announced earlier this month, with over $ 1 million awarded to a variety of leading EOS projects, including Bywire.

The latest wave focuses on interoperability and decentralized funding and includes:

  • PIZZA Finance: A decentralized financial network on EOS with a variety of De-Fi-related products including USDE Stable Coin, Swap Aggregator, DEX, Leveraged Tokens and their main decentralized credit product.
  • DefiBox: A professional DeFI application platform from a single source on EOS with US $ 120 million TVL. It currently offers swap, USN stable coin generation, lending, borrowing, and DAO governance.
  • Vigor: A decentralized credit and credit platform developed by the Vigor DAC.
  • Equilibrium: Equilibrium, one of the first DeFi products to use a voter reward system, created the first dollar-pegged currency that leverages the underlying EOS and Bitcoin collateral.
  • Defis Network: An open source set of DeFi protocols, AMM swaps, algorithmic stablecoin synthetics, cross-chain pegs, and mining pool.
  • SOVDEX: An algorithmic DEX with trading, mining and CPU atomic swaps. The SOV team also developed the first self-deflationary variable rate token on EOS.
  • eCurve: An exchange liquidity pool on EOS modeled on Curve on Ethereum. It is designed for efficient stablecoin trading and low risk additional fee income for liquidity providers.
  • Newdex: One of the original and most popular DEX on EOS. It comes with a hybrid order book that aggregates limit order matching with AMM swap pools to maximize depth of liquidity.
  • DAPP Network: A universal bridging framework and suite of middleware services for scaling decentralized applications and facilitating interoperability between EOSIO and EVM-based blockchains.
  • pNetwork: Creates the pTokens that are 1: 1 tied to assets on more than ten blockchains including EOS. It allows assets like pETH and pBTC to be transferred from their native chains to EOS where they can be used in De-Fi.
  • Organix: Issues Synthetic Assets and Trade Logs on EOS.

Each of these great projects will receive $ 100,000 in EOS to help them grow and expand their operations.

Commenting on the award, Thomas Bertini, CEO of pNetwork, said: “We are delighted that pNetwork is recognized by the EOS Network Foundation as a positive contribution to the EOS ecosystem. The foundation plays a vital role in strengthening the EOS community and supporting its ecosystem growth. “

SOVDEX’s Gavin Caroll said, “We know from personal experience that the EOS Network Foundation was founded and led by some of the brightest, passionate and talented members of the EOS community. Now that EOS has support from the EOS Network Foundation, the future of EOS is really brighter than ever. “

Decentralized finance has been of central importance to EOS since it was founded. It’s been there since 2018 when it launched its first decentralized exchanges and continued with the launch of its first collateral-backed stablecoins and credit products in 2019. In 2020, DeFi attracted much greater attention, fueled by growing distrust of the existing financial system. EOS continued to lead the way in development, with more automated market makers like Defibox and Defis BNetwork, yield farming, exchange aggregators, and bridging technology all popping up in the growing ecosystem.

Interestingly, a new movement was started on Twitter with the hashtag #OccupyDeFi, as reported by cryptobriefing.com, which criticizes the increasing centralization in the DeFi area, which is gaining momentum, according to the participants. Under the hashtag #OccupyDeFi, the movement is led by a few key players. It is unknown if this new movement is related to Occupy.Global, a rumored relaunch of the Occupy Wall Street movement from a decade ago.

On a blog announcing the latest winners, Yves La Rose wrote: “This wave of recipients is the largest of the wave, with 11 projects out of 34 being part of this group. DeFi is one of the most valuable use cases of the blockchain and supporting EOS development is a top priority for the EOS Network Foundation. “

(Writing by Tom Cropper and editing by Michael O’Sullivan)

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