EOS price analysis – how much is the EOS price increasing now?

The EOS price seems to be stalling. After all, EOS was able to recover by 35 percent in April. Is the trend changing now?

EOS price analysis – 35% price increase in April!

EOS price analysisEOS monthly price – trade view

EOS’s macro trend is still bearish, but at least the EOS rate rose over 35 percent this month. It can be almost ruled out that EOS price will still form a “bullish devouring candle” this month, but it could well be that the price will climb to the 0.382 Fib level at $ 3. Another horizontal resistance is between $ 3.15 and $ 3.32.

EOS price analysis – further resistance!

EOS price analysis EOS weekly price
Trade view

Also, further resistance awaits EOS price after the golden ratio crossing the bearish trendline comes in at $ 4. The recent high at USD 5.5 also acts as a significant resistance. The MACD is on the verge of an uptrend while the histogram is ticking higher. Both are bullish signs. If the EOS price doesn’t exceed the $ 3 mark, support will be offered between $ 2.15 and $ 2.5.

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EOS Price Analysis – 50-Day EMA Broken!

EOS price analysis EOS daily price
Trade view

At the daily exchange rate, the EOS exchange rate broke the 50-day EMA and is currently on its way to the 0.382 fib level at $ 3. This uptrend is not really convincing yet, and the 200-day EMA is also waiting for EOS as additional resistance, which is between the $ 3 level and the horizontal resistance at $ 3.3.

The EMAs are still bearishly crossed and the death cross is intact. Essentially, it remains to be seen where Bitcoin will move in order to be able to reassess the price situation of EOS. If Bitcoin doesn’t rise, there is little reason to believe that the bullish price outlook is waiting for EOS.

EOS price analysis – downward channel intact! Soil formation?

EOS price analysis EOS weekly price
Trade view

Compared to Bitcoin, the EOS price is still in a long-term downward channel. Again, the death cross is intact and the EOS price was previously bearishly rejected in the 50-day EMA. Between 0.000306 BTC – 0.000325 BTC the next support is waiting for the EOS price. The price is already encountering resistance at 0.00041 BTC, where the 50-week EMA crosses the trendline of the downward channel. The MACD is undecided, so it can be bearish or bullish.

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