EOS Price Analysis: Long the Token for the next few hours as there is a chance the price will drop to $ 4.40 to $ 4.30

  • EOS is currently not worthy of its owners.
  • The token showed the pattern of a bullish doji star.
  • The RSI oscillator for EOS shows the OVERSOLD action.

The last known price of the token, EOS, is $ 4.6400 and is down 12.42% over the past 24 hours. It has a current trading volume of 1,771,886,018 with a low of 4.03% in the last 24 hours. EOS has a total of 18,656 addresses with the active address (es) of 464,640 in the last 24 hours. It has a circulation of 958,517,091 EOS coins and the maximum supply is not available.

The above graph shows the movement of EOS with 200 DMA running below it and even DMA-50 running below it in a four hour timeframe. We see the token in relation to SMAs that are 20, 50 and 200, and it is SMA-20 that is both in front of the SMAs, one (SMA-200) SMA, and above the other (SMA-50). We see a sideways pattern here. The trend line drawn shows this sideways shift from mid-August. When SMA-20 crossed the other two Sma earlier, we saw returns averaging nearly 15%.

Currently, the SMA-20 has moved ahead of the other two SMAs, but the candles are going down and it appears that the candle could level off at $ 4.35. The top 10 and 20 holders have more than 60% and the top 50 and 100 have more than 50% which makes the decent supply side of the coin (acceptance).

There is also an RSI oscillator in the chart, which shows the right time to buy or sell the token. The RSI for the last 5 hours shows the value 24.307 and marks the oversold action. MA-5, MA-50 and MA-200 show the sales promotion. MA-10 and MA-20 show the same sales promotion. For now, however, the EOS is ready to sell and buy the token when it hits the $ 4.40-4.30 zone.

The bull / bear power has the value -0.5530 and shows the sales action. The high / low marks the sell action with the value of -0.2653.

The EOS-BTC pair is at the 0.0001014 level and has posted an 8.38% loss while the EOS-ETH pair is lagging at the 0.00145 level and the 6.34% loss in recorded over the past 24 hours. The volume / market capitalization of the token is 0.3988 and its market dominance is 0.22%.

Diploma: The day range for the coin is 4.5500-5.3040 and is currently at 4.6150. The coin’s 24-hour high and low are 5.31 and 4.58, respectively. If you want to enter the coin then for a long time in the coming days there are possibilities that the coin would sink more.

Technical instruments:

Pivot point: 4.7007

R-1: 4.7790

R-2: 4.8274

S-1: 4.6224

S-2: 4.5740


  • The unit is USD
  • SMA-20: Green color
  • SMA-50: Red color
  • SMA-200: Blue color

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