EOS price prediction 2020, 2025, 2030, 2018

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2. What is EOS?

3. EOS price forecast by market

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  • EOS price prediction 2020
  • EOS price forecast 2018
  • EOS price prediction 2025
  • EOS price forecast 2030

5. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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A development team led by Block.One founder Daniel Larimer decided to start a new project that needed investors. This secret project of his later emerged as a distributed operating system with smart contracts and is known as EOS. He convinced many people who believed the project would be profitable in order to get funding, and it worked.

At the time of the announcement, people called the project “ETH Killer” because the company said it would work like Ethereum, but it’s better. The project has created a stable network for dapps and their development. However, the EOS coin remains heavily dependent on market fluctuations.

Note: Block.one is known for its generous purchase of the voice.com domain name for which the company paid $ 30 million.

Currently, EOS is trading at $ 2.70, with strong resistance at $ 2.80 and immediate support at $ 2.55. The coin hit an all-time high of $ 17.67 in early 2018. The currency ranks 8th among the top cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalization with a market capitalization value of USD 2,548,851,520. In the past 24 hours, the coin has fallen 5.68%.

What is EOS?

EOS was introduced as a blockchain-based system that helps users develop commercial decentralized applications or dApps on the EOS.IO platform. The EOS coin held an ICO that lasted a year and from which they raised $ 4 billion.

Advantages of EOS:

  • Its architecture helps developers with simple deployments, bug fixes, and upgrades.
  • As a blockchain platform, it offers secure communication and data protection.

EOS price prediction of the market

1. Wallet Investor

Predicting a bearish pattern for the currency, WalletInvestor believes the price can drop to $ 1.5 by the end of 2019. But that will only be temporary and the price will go up again.

2. Trade beasts

As a platform for predicting cryptocurrencies, they predicted the price could reach $ 9.08 by 2019. In addition, they believe that for 2020, EOS will hit the $ 10 mark.

3. Steemit Writer-OrdinaryRich

This Steemit writer and crypto enthusiast has predicts the EOS price will reach $ 20 by 2019. He even believes that EOS will overtake Ethereum in terms of market capitalization in the coming years.

4. DigitalCoinPrize

Another website, DigitalCoinPrice, predicted that the EOS price will go up in the future. They predicted the price could reach $ 7.16 by December 2019.

5. Scott Melker

A trader at Texas West Capital, Scott Melker, believes that the price of EOS will increase in the future Price will reach $ 1 by the end of 2019 and further declining at the beginning of 2020.

Coinnounces EOS coin price prediction

As a helpful platform for developers to create decentralized applications, this coin will serve as an asset to tech and finance enthusiasts. Block one’s blockchain technology helps the currency grow faster as more and more people invest in the cryptocurrency. Our analysts assume that the price will be subject to a slight downward correction in the future, but it will recover quickly.

EOS price prediction 2020

The market for EOS has been declining for some time and the price is falling continuously. We can expect that Price is expected to reach $ 1 by 2020.

The popularity of the coin is increasing as more people invest in the coin, it is possible that the price could break the all-time high record and exceed $ 20 in 2020.

Note: Recently the EOS-based crypto exchange platform was named EOSfinex was launched with four tradable pairs available to users. These are RAM / USDT, EOX / USDT, EMT / USDT and EOS / USDT.

EOS price prediction 2025

EOS chart trends and their price forecasts from other platforms have shown that the crypto coin will last for a long time. From its inception year until today, the cryptocurrency has seen massive growth.

The price is predicts an increase towards the $ 40 to $ 50 level in 2025. With the increase in the acceptance rate and trading volume, the coin is slowly moving upwards even in the top cryptocurrencies.

Note: EOS has many competitors such as Tezos, Tauchain, Aeternity and Quantum, who present themselves as decentralized platforms that help in the development of applications.

EOS price forecast 2030

Over the years, the crypto market has grown massively around the world, which has also caught the attention of regulators. The The crypto market is boomingbut there is a sword hanging over his head.

EOS can see a slight downward revision through 2030, depending on the relationship between the crypto market and state regulators. Amidst that the price for The EOS coin may decline towards the $ 30 mark, but again, the price could rise towards the significant $ 80 to $ 100 mark by 2030.

Note: The EOSIO software enables users to have an exclusive Human readable name with a character length of 12. The user can choose the name for the account.

EOS price forecast 2018

With a slow start for this new cryptocurrency, the adoption rate has been surprisingly fast. The price, which started the year at $ 12, peaked, hitting an all-time high of $ 17.67.

The response to the price has been impressive, and investors predicted that the price for the coin would soon hit the $ 20 and $ 25 levels. However, a slow decline began to push the price to $ 2.62 by the end of 2018.

Note: The EOS platform enables faster transactions compared to Ethereum with 50,000 transactions per second.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Will the EOS price increase in 2020?

With growing popularity and 8th place in the top cryptos, EOS has made a name for itself in the market in just a few months. The price for EOS is forecast to be a bullish run towards $ 20 in 2020.

2. How many EOS Coins are there?

EOS has over 1.03 billion coins currently in circulation, and the maximum supply for the cryptocurrency is not specified.

3. Where can we buy EOS coins?

Several exchanges trade most cryptocurrencies, and EOS can be found on them. Binance & HitBTC are considered to be the most active exchanges trading in EOS.

4. Is EOS a blockchain?

No, EOS is not a blockchain. The The EOS.IO platform is the blockchain, and EOS is the cryptocurrency for the platform.


EOS made a name for itself in less than two years and has since tried to prove its worth and worth in the crypto market in order to attract more users. The cryptocurrency has shown impressive growth and the coin is receiving positive feedback from both developers and investors.

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