EOS Price Prediction 2020 – What will the EOS Coin be? |

There is no permanent ground in the cryptocurrency realm, and of course there is a roller coaster ride.

Cryptocurrencies have taken investors on a roller coaster ride, receiving cheers from crypto traders and criticism from naysayers.

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Many crypto traders seemed ready to move on, but things have turned out to be very grumpy.

EOS price is a reasonable example of this bearish trend as it is rapidly losing ground across the board.

Don’t fall into the tangle. It is obviously a good idea to research the value of cryptocurrencies before funding.

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Let’s peel the layers of the EOS price prediction. Discover where the 2019 EOS Coin Award is going.

What is EOS?

EOS is a native cryptocurrency from EOS.IO, a blockchain protocol. It is software that creates a blockchain architecture adapted to enable the horizontal and vertical scaling of decentralized applications.

The EOS software provides authentication, accounts, databases, asynchronous communication, and application scheduling for a variety of CPU cores and / or clusters.

EOS price today

EOS is now at the top of the list of first wave gainers. The top cryptocurrency has gained around 10% since yesterday, and another upward trend seems possible.

EOS maintains good market sentiment, with around 85% of traders voting for a bull market in the short term.

EOS has increased in all periods except the annual and hourly periods where it lost 27.5% and 0.9%, respectively. Last month, however, EOS was up 30.0%.

EOS is currently trading at $ 3.08 as its market cap climbs to $ 2.9 billion.

Technical analysis by EOS

EOS experienced a sudden turnaround as early as 2017. It previously traded at $ 1.21 with a market cap of $ 54 million. From then on, its instability was felt by everyone and finally EOS reached a new high in January 2018. It changed hands at $ 18.16 with a market cap value of $ 109 million.
While EOS price is hit, tension appears to be moving quickly. Unfortunately, a downtrend set in with the price at $ 4.08 as of March 2018. It finally hit $ 21.46 a few weeks later. At this point in time with a market cap of $ 176.6 million.

However, in 2019, when the recognition rate turns out to be higher, the value will go up. EOS is technologically more advanced than many cryptocurrencies. At the beginning of the year, the price of EOS coins was $ 2.88. The price slowly improved, reaching $ 8 by the end of the second quarter. Even so, the coin was unable to maintain its strength for too long, with the price of EOS dropping to $ 3 by the end of the fourth quarter.

The breach of the EOS price was pretty devastating. In particular, the USD value drops 4.2% and the price drops to $ 3.51. There is also a 3.46% reduction in EOS / BTC, which brings that ratio down to 91,065 satoshi. Nothing irreversible has happened so far, but the all-round trend just isn’t what most people were hoping for.

Looking ahead, EOS is expected to recover significantly in the coming days and maintain a steady pace of growth. It could hit $ 15 by the end of the year. When the crypto regulation becomes cheaper.

EOS price prediction 2020

EOS started the year at around $ 2.2. The less popular cryptocurrency moved quickly to break through major resistance, surpassing the $ 5.5 mark by the middle of the first quarter. However, immediately after the breakthrough, the coin began to drop dramatically to see lower prices.

However, by the beginning of the second quarter, prices had fallen below the critical $ 2 support, but the bulls failed to keep the markets much lower. The USD 2 resistance was held strong and EOS traded sideways for the remainder of the quarter.

Through the third quarter of 2020, EOS prices rose steadily to the $ 3.5 level and in mid-August the coin was trading at $ 4. Although there was a small drop in prices, this only pulled prices back a little, towards $ 3.6. EOS is now changing hands at $ 3.37.

EOS price prediction 2021

By 2021, EOS could be seen as a major rival aiming for the outermost place with Ethereum. The EOS infrastructure has slightly advanced technology that offers improved transaction speed. However, Ethereum has been around a long time and they are more stable. We can expect EOS to be worth between $ 45 and $ 70.

EOS price forecast 5 years

EOS had spent almost eight years on site by 2025. This is the estimated age that Bitcoin started enjoying chaotic growth, reaching $ 20,000. Although in the case of EOS it is different and there is no confirmation that EOS reproduces the result of Bitcoin. However, we can point out that EOS could hit at least $ 1,000.

EOS market forecast

Unlimited Tower is trying to attract positive attention for EOS on social media. The company recently partnered with DexEOS, a decentralized exchange based on EOS technology. While this partnership is good business, it may not have an immediate impact on the end user. The current growth of the EOS ecosystem cannot be denied, but that doesn’t relate to the price that is taken into account.

WalletInvestor: According to WalletInvestor, investing in EOS will prove to be a cheap endeavor for investors. They believe it could reach $ 911 in 2023.

CoinFan: Coinfan sees EOS hit $ 47 this December after a series of months of constant profits.

TradingBeasts: Algorithm at Tradingbeasts.Com has a much more conservative approach to the EOS price and is at $ 7 at year-end, which is still more than double its current price.

Our EOS forecast

Overall, EOS is a perfect trailblazer to help developers and engineers build decentralized applications. DMN predicts that EOS can reach $ 15 by 2019. The EOS scalability and crowd sale make it one of the most important tokens according to market capitalization.

EOS Latest Updates (EOS News)

# 1. AdNode works with EOS

EOSIO enables the recipient of EOS VC grants, AdNode, to assist agencies with the problem of wasteful spending and extortion in the multi-billion dollar global digital advertising space. By automating the digital advertising voting process, AdNode improves the dynamics of collaboration between ad buyers and sellers.

# 2.Scaling decentralized applications with LiquidApps

LiquidApps hopes to change the future of blockchain scalability, collaboration, and interoperability. With the integration in EOSIO, developers can now access a whole range of important services that are of crucial importance for the creation of scalable dApps.

From extensive decentralized storage to robust oracles to LiquidChains – a blockchain-as-a-service solution with which anyone can easily start up a customizable EOSIO chain.

# 3. The release of version v2.0.5

On April 21, 2020, the EOS development team released EOSIO v2.0.5. Updates in this version include security, stability, and other changes.


  1. Is EOSIO centralized?

    In EOSIO, token holders can select 21 block builders to filter transactions, dividing power among token holders and attracting the attention of all parties involved. The biggest difference between EOSIO and other blockchain protocols is how much they have decentralized the inner ideas of the chain.

  2. What are the transaction fees for EOSIO?

    Blockchain platforms that use a consensus mechanism to prove work incur fees for every transaction processed. EOSIO eliminates these by making the network bear the burden of these costs

  3. Can EOS ever reach $ 1000?

    It totally depends on many factors like growth and development. However, market forecasts indicated a price of $ 1,000 within the next 5 years.

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