EOS Price Prediction 2021 – Expert Opinion and Optimistic Technical Outlook

(Updated April 10, 2021) – – EOS is only just beginning its journey. The EOS price is separate from other digital currencies both in technical characteristics and in the order of magnitude of its objectives. This is one of the main reasons it managed to raise $ 4 billion during the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The main goal of this platform is to become an enterprise solution for the delivery of decentralized applications. The team behind the project has shown a very responsible approach to its technical documentation, its media presence and general presence in the crypto industry.

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Expert opinion on why EOS will go up

EOS is the 8thth The largest digital currency in terms of market capitalization. It is currently trading at $ 4.49 after a 10% change in the past 24 hours. The coin has become hugely popular due to its decentralized apps and smart contracts that have proven to be better than Ethereum’s. Developers of the network state that it is unaffected by the scalability issues that affect other public coins.

Let’s take a look at why experts believe the price of EOS will go up.

According to CoinSwitch, 2020 will be a golden year for EOS. The coin is expected to hit $ 95 by July before slowly falling to the $ 56 level by the end of the year. Over the next five years, the platform expects an EOS price of around $ 106.

TradingBeasts predicts the price will rise from $ 2 to around $ 3.6. In the following year, the price is expected to continue rising to the $ 4.2 level before ending the year at around $ 6.

According to Business Insiderthe EOS platform will continue to evolve and will soon be the most preferred. The publications assume that the price of the coin will soon exceed $ 10.

Additionally, a panel of 10 experts analyzed the performance of 13 leading cryptocurrencies to make their predictions. The panel was extremely bullish about EOS. On average, the panel expects a price close to $ 18.7, an increase of 727% since January this year.

According to Wallet Investor, Investors should view EOS as a cheap investment option. The website expects the price of EOS to reach $ 911 by 2023. They attributed this positive prognosis to the latest developments in the EOS platform and the increasing acceptance in various industries. These are important determinants of the success of the cryptocurrency.

Investopedia EOS also called one of the most promising digital currencies among the many out there today. The website mentioned that EOS offers greater scalability compared to other cryptocurrencies and is revolutionary as there is no mining mechanism to produce coins. The platform also includes a system of complex rules to control the EOS reward process, making it more decentralized. Forex brokers in Australia already offer forex and crypto trading.

Additionally after Coinbase, “EOS is a cryptocurrency that was developed to support large decentralized applications. There are no charges for sending or receiving EOS.The platform made that statement after adding support for the EOS cryptocurrency for its retail customers. This positive statement and development show that the coin has a bright future.

It’s worth noting that EOS has also launched a new social media network called Voice. This has also had a positive impact on the price of the cryptocurrency and is expected to increase network activity.

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EOS Price Prediction TradingView Analysis Updated April 10, 2021

EOS could be a shark and a cipher from manuchehr67 on TradingView.com

This analyst has drawn a very clear harmonic pattern on the chart of the EOSUSDT trading pair. As he explains, it is possible that the digital currency will eventually reach $ 27 per coin, or even $ 89. However, it is always important to trade the price action system at these prices, so his comment.

The shark targets include CD = 0.88 XA = $ 12 or CD = 1.13 XA = $ 21. Finally, it is also possible to use CD = 2.24 v. Chr. Chr. = 89 USD to see, as the analyst explained.

In terms of Cypher goals, we have CD = 0.78 XA = $ 9.50 or CD = 1.27v. Chr. = $ 14.50 or CD 2 BC = $ 57. With The Fibonacci, the extension is also present in the table.

Analysis with trend line from nimabahemmat on TradingView.com

This analyst explains that he thinks EOS is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies out there. It could be possible that the digital currency is moving towards very lofty goals. For him, the virtual currency could eventually move towards USD 10.30 per coin. This is certainly a massive increase in prices compared to the current level. This could happen in the course of 2021 and would definitely depend on how the market is doing as a whole.

Another option described by the analyst is to break the red line that we see in the graph. However, if it did, it would gain the strength necessary to get to the $ 10 price level and eventually beat it.

EOS Coin Analysis 10/03/2021 from BitonGroup on TradingView.com

For the EOS / USDT trading pair, EOS is in a period of accumulation and could be ready to move higher in the near future. According to the analyst, there are 4 goals defined by the Fibonacci projection. These are also part of a take profit strategy when a long is opened.

The TP values ​​include 7 USDT, 9.25 USDT and 12.50 USDT. Of course, it could eventually see a massive spike to $ 15.75 per coin. However, this remains to be seen. For now, EOS needs to break the USDT 4.14 resistance area to target the other Fibonacci profit taking.

Mini long EosUsdt from LautaroAr on TradingView.com

The analyst believes that for the EOS / USDT trading pair we could see a long opportunity for this digital currency soon. Still, he believes we can only wait for confirmation before buying with controlled risk.

As he shows in the charts, EOS could continue to gain in the coming weeks, reaching a price per coin of 4.6 USDT. At this point, however, the digital asset might find some resistance that would make it difficult for it to continue growing in the future.

The analyst is therefore of the opinion that we can open a long position from our current level as long as we manage our risk.

EOSUSDT long from Trader_OMS on TradingView.com

The analyst shows that EOS has strong support in the region between USD 4 and USD 4.36. At the same time, the employee also works as a support level. The analyst waited for a move towards 5.4045 but eventually the market is now resisting at 4.4867 USDT.

A store could open at around 4.20 UDST and 4.48 USDT. The long position it is showing should be open above the above levels and aim for a sell of 5.4045. However, this is only one possibility. The analyst says that he is not responsible for trading decisions.

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