EOS was named “The Most Promising Brand” and Mr. Abhinav Arora, CEO, was named “The Most Promising Leader” in 2020-21

Thane, India, Oct 07, 2021 – (PR.com) – It’s overwhelming to have all EOSites named “Most Promising Brand 2020-21” by WCRCINT. In addition, a well-deserved leader, Mr. Abhinav Arora, CEO of EOS, was also named “The Most Promising Leader-2020-21”. India’s Most Promising Brands and Leaders are two of its oldest and most recognized awards, and EOS has received both awards, proving that it is the fastest growing organization in ITES, under a strong leadership team led by one of its most dynamic leaders, Mr Arora , is directed.

The award recognizes exemplary achievements from all industry representatives and recognizes the most trusted CEOs and brands of the year who are leading the change. The CEO, Mr. Abhinav Arora, is one of the emerging business personalities whose valuable efforts have fueled the success of EOS.

Mr. Abhinav Arora says: “It is an honor to be named ‘The Most Promising Leader’. Not only that, but also my organization, EOS, was named “Most Promising Brand”. The recognition has set elevated business standards for EOS as a company for creating businesses that can offer seamless BPM and KPO services around the globe. We strive to offer excellent business solutions that are technology-driven and consistent in serving our customers. The EOS team has reached a milestone on this path that proves our strength in this business area. Being considered for this award is the result of our diligence in delivering exceptional results to our customers. Therefore, on behalf of my organization, I would like to thank you for your continued support and efforts to win these prestigious awards. “

About EOS
EOS is the leading business process management organization committed to providing high quality services that focus on exceptional customer experiences and digital technological innovation. EOS strives to become a value-oriented company with the highest standards of service for its customers. With an exceptional team with extensive domain expertise and robust digital solutions, it helps companies turn their futuristic goals into reality. It seeks strategic partnerships with its global clientele to build a culture of innovation and business transformation at affordable prices and with greater productivity.

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Website: https://www.eosglobe.com/
Media Connect: Marketing@eosglobe.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eureka-outsourcing-solutions-pvt-ltd/
CEO LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhinav-arora-96080414/

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