Ethereum 2.0 ‘Dress Rehearsal’ gets a second chance with Zinken Testnet

Ethereum developers will attend a final Ethereum 2.0 à ¢  ??  ?? dress rehearsalà??  ?? after the first, Spadina, failed due to à ¢  ??  ?? critical peering issues, à ¢  ??  ?? à ??  Ethereum Foundation researcher Danny Ryan said in a tweet on Wednesday

  • The second test network called Zinken will start on October 12th at 12:00 UTC.
  • Ryan said he was primarily looking for a clean client release process and minimal headache for users. with prongs.
  • The dress rehearsal testnets were created to give Ethereum stakers another practice run to move Ether (ETH) into the Eth 2.0 deposit contract, a necessary step before the new blockchain can start operating.
  • Due to à ¢  ??  ?? configuration parametersà ¢  ??  ?? with Prysmatic Labsà ¢  ???  ?? Prysm customer said the team in an autopsy.
  • Â ?? Â ?? We’re lagging behind when it comes to taking Spadina seriously, having a detailed checklist, and overall having a release ready before the Genesis event, Ã ¢ Â ?? Â ?? said the crew.
  • Ryan added that the dress rehearsal load had dipped unfavorably towards Prysm, which occupied the lion’s share of Testnet users.
  • The same problem à ¢  ???  ??? Stakers who prefer Prysm to the other four available Eth 2.0 clients ¢  ??  ?? also presented itself during the Medalla-Testnet in August.

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