Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Predictions: Where Is Ethereum’s Rival Going Next?

ether (CCC:ETH-USD) starts the week with a sprint, similar to other altcoins. The second largest crypto has hit new highs, gaining 26% on the last day and surpassing the $ 3,000 mark in one breath. In addition to the success of Ethereum, investors are now keeping an eye on themselves Ethereum Classic (CCC:ETC-USD) Acquisition weekend. The price predictions for Ethereum Classic (ETC) share on the Ethereum fork.

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Ethereum and its classic counterpart are similar but don’t confuse them. Any crypto that diverged in 2016 after a hack exposed security risks in the original blockchain has different advantages and disadvantages. The main difference is safety versus efficiency. Ethereum is based on improving the efficiency of the original blockchain, while Ethereum Classic focuses on keeping its smart contracts secure.

Ethereum obviously has greater support for investors. However, ETC is still a well-known crypto game with a lot of its own support. A great catalyst for ETC comes from Grayscale Go all-in for the coin. Ethereum Classic reports that the Crypto Trust has a stake of over 161,000 ETC.

Price predictions for Ethereum Classic (ETC) are rising

While it is currently less popular with investors than its more flashy sibling, Ethereum Classic is still a reliable crypto game. And with new-found institutional support, price predictions for Ethereum Classic (ETC) are hot, but not necessarily bullish. Let’s take a look:

  • DigitalCoinPrice predicts that ETC will close 2021 with some big profits. Their forecast for the crypto is over $ 75 by December.
  • The Economy Forecast Agency is more optimistic, forecasting over $ 132 by the end of the year. While they are bullish in the short term, they see ETC getting out of hand in the long run. They predict that it will eventually go back below $ 100 in the years to come.
  • Conversely, Gov Capital is forecasting relatively low profits for ETC this year, but has good long-term prospects. ETC will be priced at just over $ 50 by the end of 2021, but will be around $ 120 in the years to come.

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