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Ethereum announced its progress with the Beacon Chain and Altair update after v1.1.0-alpha.6 – Protostellar Evolution was released, as well as several other new developments for Ethereum.

Protostellar Evolution effectively separates constants, preferences and settings and cleans up the client settings. Protolambda enables a simpler network configuration.

When Altair code changes stabilize, and once multi-tenant interoperability is achieved, your customer teams can the consensus test vectors are passed and the short term test tests are activated.

Ethereum 2

The “Rayonism” hackathon is over

The decision on the schedule will be made in the coming weeks, it said in a statement.

Ethereum also announced that the Rayonism hackathon had been completed, which was a tedious event for the team as it set up dozens of nodes and thousands of validators in addition to securing the beacon chain.

The Beacon Chain has native support for a rich layer of Ethereum applications with user accounts, contracts and transactions.

Ethereum economyEthereum economy

Ethereum economy

Rayonism is a project that uses the research and development resources of ETH1-ETH2 Merge and Sharding, creating test networks around the ETHGlobal Scaling Hackathon.

The name Rayonism comes from the early abstract art movement with fragmentation and beacon motifs. The statement went on to say:

“The Rayonism Hackathon allowed teams to quickly prototype basic merge designs and better understand how this merged system will work in practice. All teams are now very familiar with the structure of Merge and have a clear vision of how their software will evolve over the next year. “

Ethereum bridgeEthereum bridge

Ethereum bridge

Ethereum customer teams now they point to two forks: London and Altair, while Merge has Ethereum researchers’ attention on refinements and specification tests.

After the updates are completed in the middle of the year, the teams will be brought together.

The post from Ethereum (ETH) announcing the progress with the Beacon Chain update was first seen on BeInCrypto.

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