Ethereum (ETH) closes down -8.81 USD last hour; in an upward trend over the past 30 days

The look of the hour for ETH

Last updated on Jan 28, 2021 00:017 GMT

Currently, the price of Ethereum is down by -8.81 USD (-0.71%) compared to the previous hour. Ethereum saw its price 4 of the last 5 hoursThis creates some compelling opportunities for bears. Regarding the trend, note that the strongest trend is in the 50 hour period. The hourly time frame moving averages suggest price volatility as the 20, 50, 100 and 200 are all mixed up. This means that the trend is inconsistent across the time frames and indicates potential Opportunity for Rangebound traders.

Ethereum Daily Price Recap

The turmoil in the recent daily Ethereum price movement continues; Launching today it came in at $ 1,368.22, up 3.77% ($ 49.75) from yesterday. This move was due to lower volume, as yesterday’s volume was down 15.58% from the previous day and 20.38% from the day before the previous week. As of yesterday, Ethereum has outperformed all 7 assets in the top Cryptos asset class. Let’s take a look at the Ethereum daily price chart.

Technical analysis of Ethereum

The volatility for Ethereum has decreased in the last two weeks in relation to the volatility in the last month. We can watch whether the volatility returns. The clearest trend is on the 90 days Timeframe showing that the price has increased during this time. For additional context, note that the price has increased 10 in the last 14 days.

Overheard on Twitter

For laughter, fights, or really useful info, let’s check out the most popular tweets about Ethereum from the past day:

  • Of n2ckchong::

    I know there is fear of Ethereum transaction fees in times of congestion, but Robinhood was down for 2 hours
    – TD Ameritrade has imposed restrictions on GME-Trades
    – The deal with 212 had interrupted the service
    – The regulators suggested a 30-day GME stop. DeFi is a way out of all of this.

  • Of EFDevcon::

    The # Ethereum ecosystem has achieved so much since we last met for #Devcon, but as excited as we are to reunite in Bogota, we made the difficult decision to hold out a little longer instead of our August -Date to advance.

  • Of MartiniGuyYT::

    How is it possible to feel bearish now? I see so much nonsense on Twitter # Bitcoin is still in a bull market
    #Ethereum is about to hit the moon at $ 1 billion per coin. This is not bearish, this is price consolidation in recent price discovery at the same time, it is healthy !!!

Regarding news links for Ethereum, here’s one to try:

Wrapped SCRT is now live on Ethereum! – Secret network

Wrapped Secret (wSCRT), a synthetic ERC20 version of SCRT (the Secret Network’s native coin) is now live on the Ethereum mainnet and on Uniswap! … Today we have an exciting announcement: Wrapped Secret (wSCRT), a synthetic ERC20 -Version of SCRT (wSCRT) The native coin of Secret Network) is now live on the Ethereum mainnet! … The token address for wSCRT is: The address of the Uniswap pool for ETH / wSCRT is: https: //info.un. org / pair / 0x438d3e9cacab4614a8f1613ac7b182378d76e1f8 You can also find wSCRT on Coingecko: The Secret Ethereum Bridge has been active in the mainnet since December, so users can use their ETH and ERC-20s to secret tokens – data protection tokens in the secret network that correspond to the SNIP-20 standard. Similar to the steps in the last section, which describes how to convert secretSCRT to wSCRT, you can convert wSCRT back to secretSCRT on the Secret Network using the secret Ethereum Bridge: once you have unpacked your wSCRT in this way, you can Leave your new secretSCRT as a data protection token or simply convert it to SCRT (read these simple instructions again).

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