ETHUSD (Ethereum) – Week 41 – Resistance strain for BITSTAMP: ETHUSD by Financialflagship

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of ether got the government of El Salvador because of her Bitcoin Adoption. Buterin’s comments came in and aimed at during his interaction on Reddit Bitcoin Maximalists and said it was very easy to impress them since you just have to praise them BTC and they would be heels above your head.

ether has burned nearly half a million of its supply in just two months, with the incineration currently apparently at 250,000 eth per month, which is worth $ 900 million. Approximately 477,000 eth were burned at the time of writing, valued at $ 1.7 billion, with currently $ 1.3 million or 372 eth being burned per hour. The current total supply of Ethereum is at 117,842,811 which burns 0.5%. At this rate, around 3% of the total supply would be burned per year. Currently, miners are getting around 4% new offer. Ethereums inflation Thus the rate was reduced by 75% to 1% of the total supply per year.

From a technical point of view is ether did exactly what we expected in last week’s report. The course climbed corrective and reached the Resistance range at $ 3.6k. For the next week we expect a corrective leg down and then a continuation up. When the price breaks that Resistance range convincing and consolidating on top, we have a high probability of going up.

Act with care.

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Disclaimer: The analysis provided is informational only and should not be used as financial advice. Remember, you need a plan before you start trading. So take this knowledge as a guide that will ultimately help you understand the market and easily predict your next move.

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