Ex-Tinder employees start Ripple, a professional networking app

A group of former Tinder employees have teamed up to launch Ripple, a new professional networking app that aims to dethrone LinkedIn.

Led by Tinder’s former CTO Ryan Ogle, the app will focus on networking, as opposed to LinkedIn, which is more geared towards job hunting.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Ogle quickly says that Ripple is not just “Tinder for corporate networks”.

However, the app works similarly to Tinder. Users swipe left and right through profiles that contain a picture and other information, including job history, skills, education, and mutual connections.

The app also includes a new feature called Face Connect that lets you scan a picture of someone to quickly find their Ripple account. It also includes the option to geographically narrow down your choices and find users in your area.

You can now download Ripple for both iOS and Android.

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