EY US takes over Avalanche Consulting, based in Austin

EY US has acquired Avalanche Consulting, an Austin-based business development consultancy. The company will be included in EY’s economic development consultancy in the field of tax services.

Avalanche was founded in 2005 and provides economic analyzes and development strategies to development organizations, chambers of commerce, city and district administrations, personnel development companies, foundations and universities. The company has worked in more than 150 communities with clients including Sonoma County, California. City of West Palm Beach, Florida; and Longmont, Colorado.

Avalanche’s team of eight uses bespoke research, stakeholder engagement, global market intelligence and industry knowledge to drive economic development for its clients.

“The addition of Avalanche takes our tax, government and public service offerings to the next level,” said Marna Ricker, vice chairman of tax services at EY Americas. “Avalanche employs authentic, original strategies supported by an understanding of the complexities of today’s economic development landscape. We are excited that Amy Holloway and her team will be driving the next wave of our economic development advisory services and working with our existing network of professionals to help these generate community and company value in equal measure. “

Avalanche Founder and CEO Amy Holloway will be involved in the economic development consulting practice as Principal and National Director.

EY’s economic development team offers services for assessing the current economic situation, for benchmarking and for strategic advice. The expanded group provides leadership, talent, business development, infrastructure, image, and public order support.

“I am proud of our positive impact on communities looking to grow their economies and be more attractive to residents and businesses alike,” said Holloway. “Our customers have developed strategies that have created tens of thousands of jobs and a thriving economy for the people in our customer communities. Our long-term mission to generate sustainable and inclusive economic growth fits well with EY’s goal of building a better world of work.”

EY US posted revenue growth of 9.1% to $ 15.3 billion in fiscal 2019. The company employs around 45,000 people in the country.

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