First Beijing BSV conference creates new interest, could lead to a boom

After the conclusion of the first major Bitcoin SV conference in China, the manager of the Bitcoin Association China, Lise Li, calls this “a great success”. Over 200 people attended the event, many getting their first impressions of BSV after working on other blockchain projects.

Dr. Craig Wright and Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen both introduced themselves at the event. Their presence, Li said, “is predictable that more people will spark interest in Bitcoin SV and BSV, which is booming in China.”

This is another big step in BSV’s foray into Asia – markets that are critical to the global success of a project of this size and type, but also require in-depth local knowledge and understanding of the messages to be implemented.

More impressive was the fact that the first China conference took place semi-spontaneously and only by invitation. When Dr. Wright and Jimmy Nguyen came to Beijing for a wider T-EDGE technology showcase, the organizers decided to hold a BSV-specific event that same week.

Li said the invitation list included developers, entrepreneurs, ecosystem partners, media, professors, and select others from Beijing and other parts of the country.

She added that the event’s popularity (Li and others organized it in less than two weeks) was thanks to China’s active role in new technologies over the past two decades.

“Although blockchain is becoming more and more popular today, there are still few people who know how the Bitcoin system works or what the significance of blockchain technology is. Some visionaries who called themselves “Bitcoin Learners” have made Dr. Followed Wright’s papers for a long time. They see him as their mentor who guides them to get in touch with the most promising technology of the future. That is why many people from other cities come to meet and listen to their idol and to constantly and voluntarily spread the ideas of Bitcoin SV to their friends and even to the public. “

Bitcoin Association’s China team has a mission to educate more developers and entrepreneurs about the power of BSV technology and to welcome them to build businesses on their blockchain.

Some of the conference attendees in Beijing hadn’t paid much attention to BSV before, even those who had studied or worked in other parts of the blockchain world. They said our BSV conference had vastly changed their understanding of Bitcoin, particularly in terms of the need for bitcoin scaling, how BSV can be applied by businesses, and why Bitcoin SV can meet legal requirements. These are the top challenges for all blockchains, and I’m glad that Jimmy and Craig’s speeches inspired people. “

In his speech to the participants, Dr. Wright noted that people building the Bitcoin SV ecosystem would “make China better,” noted his focus on compliance and transparency.

“I want you to create systems that stop corruption. And I want you to create a system that will make your families proud that you did it – not because you were hiding, but because you can stand and say it’s worth doing. “

T-EDGE is a three day conference dedicated to the general tech industry, not just cryptocurrency or blockchain. Nguyen and Dr. Wright both presented themselves at T-EDGE on BSV, with Nguyen receiving a CHAINSIGHTS Award for Blockchain Technology Breakthroughs from 2019 on behalf of the Bitcoin SV Node project.

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