Full Cardano Vs Tether Chart Analysis on request (ADAUSDT # 1) for BINANCE: ADAUSDT by AlanSantana

The next one is Cardano vs Tether (ADAUSDT), also the altcoin mentioned above, but in the USDT pairs section.

We have 10 ALTSBTC and 10 ALTSUSDT on the list.

This was the undisputed number 1.

So let’s look at the diagram.

In this case, I’m going for the weekly / long-term chart because Cardano has its own cycle.

This is something important and that I mention very often when I say Altcoins, I am referring to ALL Altcoins minus the TOP15 / 20 by market capitalization, as these TOP15 / 20 BIG Altcoins can have their own market cycle.

The rest tend to move in a more synchronized manner, easily predictable.

Well, I just got into the altcoins vs USD / USDT a few months ago and there is a reason.

These pairs have a diagram that is essentially identical to Bitcoin . They tend to move in the same way, give, or take a few months.

Some go a few months ahead, others a few months back.

Basically, all ALTSUSDT pairs have the same chart with a few exceptions.

If you can identify the leading providers in the market, you can easily predict what the rest will do.

Here I go for the long-term chart, a longer time frame, and that is the Weekly (W | 7 days per candle) because this is much more progressive than what we just saw SCBTC .

Cardano (ADAUSDT) hit a low in March 2020, just like Bitcoin , and has been growing ever since.

Reading the diagram here is very easy but the hard part is trying to predict what will happen next but we are not predicting, we are mapping the diagram, calculating and preparing.

At the beginning we have a bullish Diagram.
Bullish trend .
Bullish Cycle.

Trading above EMA10 signals that the bulls are in control.

This is just shy, however, as there is some fighting going on.

In this chart I plot the resistance levels as well as the support.

All of the dotted lines marked above the current price are the resistance levels (targets) and the lines below are for support.

We also work as a support to ours Trend lines , one set with the candle nearby and another with the candle wick.

We also have the fib. Multi-level retracement tool as well as the EMAs, these coincide on some points, which then makes them stronger.

Now this analysis. ADAUSDT.

volume has fallen but is pretty irrelevant as a signal at this point.

When prices go up, we can grow strong volume when prices are about to go down.

the MACD shows a bearish Cross with a red histogram that signals the downward pressure, the RSI is still strong.

We have bearish Divergence between the RSI and ADAUSDT, but not with that MACD .


If ADAUSDT can stay above $ 1.945, we can expect a price spike.

Below this level, we aim to target EMA50 ($ 1,428) as the next support.

The cops have the edge.

The market is green.

We’ll see how it goes.

The way we act, we prepare for all scenarios, we buy and we hold.

If prices drop below our stop loss, we will close the trade at a loss.

When prices rise and reach our goals, we cash in profits and are happy.

We don’t predict the market, we use charting as a tool to support our calls.

All of this information is only my opinion and is shared based on my own experience from looking at these charts daily for years.

This is not financial advice.

Thank you for your great and continued support.


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