GhostMarket founder Vincent Geneste explains NFT’s support for multiple chains on Neo News Today’s podcast

GhostMarket and NEO Economy founder Vincent Geneste recently participated in Neo News Today’s podcast discussing the uniqueness of GhostMarket’s non-fungible token (NFT) market and explorer.

GhostMarket allows users to browse, buy, and sell NFTs on the Neo and Phantasma blockchains. In the interview, Geneste noted that while there are other NFT marketplaces, most of them focus on a single platform:

[Most NFT marketplaces] Focus on a single blockchain and I guess based on what Neo [has] The product was recently shipped and will be shipped shortly. The focus is now on interoperability. Why start a new, third, fourth, or fifth custom NFT marketplace? [each] Chain? Instead, why not do something unique that can bring all of the chains together?

While Geneste found the concept to be simple, the steps to make that vision a reality were far from easy. Although different Neo-based projects support NFTs, they do not all use the same standard.

Geneste pointed out, “NFT standards are pretty similar, aren’t they [some] Change of specifics. So we had to design and think about something pretty general and pretty scalable. And it’s not that simple. Maybe therefore [a cross-chain NFT marketplace doesn’t] still exist. “

In addition to ironing out the complexity of NFTs, GhostMarket has implemented multiple wallet support for each integrated chain. Phantasma users have the choice of connecting to GhostMarket using their Ecto or Poltergeist wallets. Neo users can choose between NeoLogin, O3 Wallet, NeoLine and Teemo. After the integration of the dAPI standard, Neon Wallet will be supported.

While GhostMarket currently supports two blockchain networks, Geneste emphasized that GhostMarket does not yet offer any real cross-chain functionality. It clarifies:

For the sake of clarity, I’ve referred to it as the cross-chain marketplace. For now, that means it’s built in [support for] multiple chains. As I see cross-chain, the idea is to be able to swap NFTs from one chain to another. At this point, [GhostMarket] will really be a cross-chain NFT marketplace. Right now it’s more like a multiple chain [platform].

Looking ahead, cross-chain functionality is on the GhostMarket roadmap. Geneste remarked, “The plan is [to add support] later, maybe in two months, at the top. “

The full interview can be found below:

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