GhostMarket launches first cross-chain NFT marketplace with support for Neo

GhostMarket, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and explorer, launched with cross-chain support for Phantasma and Neo. The Market and NFT Explorer was designed and created by Ghostdevs, an open source developer community in the Phantasm Ecosystem.

Speaking to Neo News Today, GhostMarket and Neo Economy Founder Vincent said, “Most NFT marketplaces are either a) bulky and / or b) support a single chain or project. GhostMarket is feature-rich and the only NFT marketplace that offers cross-project and cross-chain support. “

Source: GhostMarket website

Users can participate in market activity by connecting to GhostMarket using various Neo and Phantasma wallets. Supported Neo-based wallets include O3, Teemo, NeoLine, and NeoLogin, all of which conform to Neo’s dAPI standard (NEP-12). Users can link multiple accounts at the same time to see a global view of all assets owned.

GhostMarket also acts as an NFT explorer, allowing you to browse NFT events such as coin minting, transfer history, token listing date, sales prices, and burning activities.

Neo blockchain support

Currently, GhostMarket only offers PrivateNet support for the Neo blockchain, with the aim of launching Neo2 MainNet by August 2020 at the latest. The Neo2 Smart Contract allows users to trade, auction and buy all NFTs available on the Neo blockchain. Vincent further noted: “W.We made sure porting everything to Neo3 is a breeze. “

Neo ecosystem projects currently supported include Blockchain Cuties, 0xRacers, and 0xWarriors. Should other neo-ecosystem projects with NFT functionality try to be listed on GhostMarket, the announcement states: “[Project’s are] It is highly recommended that you contact Ghostdevs via Discord to speed up their integration. “

Fees and user statistics

Since the beta test began, GhostMarket has served as the medium for more than 11,000 NFT sales and a volume of approximately $ 28,000. More than 243,000 NFTs are currently being analyzed, of which approximately 11,2,000 are available on the market.

There are no listing or marketplace fees for NFT sellers. When purchasing an NFT, buyers can expect a 2% fee at the time of sale. GhostMarket has also implemented a referral program for every user who registers on the platform, which rewards the referrer with 25% of the fees paid at the end of a sale.

Looking ahead, GhostMarket intends to develop a mobile application for its NFT market. In addition, the team intends to integrate support for a third blockchain in the third quarter of 2020 and a fourth blockchain towards the end of the fourth quarter of 2020.

The Ghostdevs team explains: “[Our] The aim is to incorporate every major chain with NFT capabilities and an NFT ecosystem to become the ultimate gateway to the NFT market for all NFT lovers. “

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