Google signs up as a network validator for the blockchain video network Theta

Google is working with Theta Labs to support the onboard video delivery network for users through Google Cloud.

As part of the partnership, tech giant Theta is helping launch Mainnet 2.0, a hard fork that takes place on Wednesday around noon Pacific time, said Mitch Liu, CEO of Theta Labs.

“Theta is unique in that its video delivery network requires both a reliable, high-performance network,” which we provide through our premium network layer and reputable node operators to ensure protocol security, said Google Cloud developer Allen Day.

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Google becomes the protocol’s fifth external validation node. Theta Labs is using 5 million THETA tokens (worth around $ 2.4 million at a print price of $ 0.48 each) for Google on the network.

Theta rewards network participants for forwarding video content to other users using their free bandwidth and computing resources. The end result should be a “massive decentralized mesh network of relays”. Said Liu.

Google joins Binance, Blockchain Ventures and gumi Cryptos as external company validators who propose and validate new blocks on the Theta blockchain. Finally, Theta 31 aims to achieve external corporate validators. With today’s announcement, Google Cloud will also become Theta’s preferred cloud provider.

“I can’t speculate about what will happen in the future, but we look forward to working with users who want to join the theta network.” Day said. Users can launch a Theta Guardian Node from the GCP Marketplace. With a few clicks you can deploy a guardian and peek with the theta network. “

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Google will be Theta’s first European corporate validator as the tech giant will host the node in its Ireland office and further decentralize the network geographically. In February, Hedera Hashgraph announced that Google Cloud would run a node on the blockchain-like network and make Hashgraph analytics available to users.

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The hard fork inflates Theta Fuel (TFUEL) ???? a second character that drives on-chain operations? by 5%, which creates a greater reward for stakers

Additionally, hundreds of Guardian Nodes (available to the public) act as an additional layer of consensus for Mainnet 2.0 launch by completing blocks and looking for Validator Nodes with bad actors. Liu said he could see Google Theta help scale the number of Guardian nodes on the network to thousands or tens of thousands

Theta also plans to work with Google’s artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data initiatives. Google also owns YouTube, a key target in Theta’s partnership efforts.

“YouTube is particularly interesting because they mainly use in-house developed video transmission and streaming technologies, which makes experimenting a lot easier without relying on external platforms like Akamai or AWS.” Said Liu.

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