Hacker changes gubernatorial candidate Tim Fox’s Twitter account to Tesla and publishes Dogecoin updates

A hacker broke into the old Twitter account for Tim Fox’s gubernatorial campaign in Montana on Friday, changed the profile picture of the former candidate to Tesla’s logo and published updates about the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

“ALERT: Someone hacked my old gubernatorial campaign Twitter account (@foxforgovernor) and sent direct messages with a link to a fake Instagram login,” said Fox, Montana’s former attorney general, in a tweet on Friday about the hack. “We are working on deleting the account. In the meantime, please ignore DMs from @ foxforgovernor. Thank you.”

Fox later tweeted, “UPDATE: The clever hacker changed the profile photo on the @foxforgovernor. Twitter account to the Tesla logo. Tesla may want to ask Twitter to delete this account.”

The Tesla logo profile picture has since been removed.

The hack of Fox’s old campaign account follows the virtual currency Dogecoin, which hit an all-time high on Friday and sparked a wave of memes as investors celebrated the price hike. Dogecoin, a “joke” alternative cryptocurrency launched in 2013, proved it was serious business on Friday when it hit over 28 cents. This was a boon to the cryptocurrency industry as Coinbase trading platform made its highly anticipated public debut on Wednesday.

“What a day! We’re all here, Elon! And now THIS (CHECK THE PICTURE) HURRY !!!” the hacker posted on Fox’s account, including the hashtags #DOGE #dogecoin #Coinbase #Robinhood #BTC # XRP #ADA #LTC #ETH #COIN #Crypto # 23525, related to other top cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, XRP, Cardano, Litecoin and Ethereum.

A hacker took over the old Twitter account of former Montana gubernatorial candidate Tim Fox, changed the profile picture to the Tesla logo and posted on Dogecoin. This photo illustration shows a visual representation of the digital cryptocurrency Dogecoin on January 29, 2021 in Katwijk, the Netherlands.
Yuriko Nakao / Getty Images)

The hacker’s contribution and the selection of the Tesla logo to replace Fox’s profile photo pay tribute to the tech company’s CEO, Elon Musk, whose memes and tweets have skyrocketed the price of virtual currency.

“The point is, Dogecoin was invented as a joke to make fun of cryptocurrency,” Musk said in an interview. “And that’s why I think there is an argument like fate loves irony, as if the most entertaining result is the most ironic result that the currency that was invented as a joke actually becomes the real currency.”

The hacker also responded to a tweet from Missoulian in which the publication posted an article attributing Musk Dogecoin’s key milestone, “So great”.

The “funny” aspect of Dogecoin is where the currency mocks its value, according to a comment made available to Newsweek by Adam Levine, executive director of podcasts and audio at Coindesk.

“Just as Bitcoin is the consensus choice for people looking for ‘predictable amount of money’ in their currency, Dogecoin looks like the consensus choice for people who want ‘meme-y wackiness’ in their currency,” writes Levine.

He adds, “Doge has become the joke currency to beat. Everyone wants to get into the joke that drives the price up and makes the joke bigger. It’s a self-reinforcing cycle. A bit like Bitcoin, but for the Luls. “”

Levine credited Dogecoin for drawing outsiders into the industry with its excitement in the world of cryptocurrency, citing the “cute” currency with its Shiba Inu logo being less “intimidating” than other virtual currencies. And what began as a funny alternative cryptocurrency is now gaining in value thanks to the commitment of the fans, driven by his humor.

Newsweek asked Fox to comment on the hack.

Correction (April 16, 2021, 6:30 p.m.): In an original version of this story, Adam Levine’s last name was misspelled.

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