Hardware Bitcoin Security and Blockstreams Jade Wallet

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On this episode of “The Van Werdenum Sjorsnado”, Aaron van Werdenum conducted another interview without his regular co-host Sjors Provoost. Instead, he was joined by Lawrence Nahum from Blockstream, one of the developers behind the Jade wallet; and Ben Kaufman, one of the developers of the Specter wallet, which was specially designed to work with hardware wallets.

Van Willum, Nahum, and Kaufman talked about what hardware wallets are and discussed the design tradeoffs various hardware wallets have made by focusing on Trezor, Ledger, and Coldcard. With that in mind, Nahum and Kaufman explained what secure elements and secure chips are, and why some hardware wallets rely on the use of such chips more than others.

Then Nahum explained what compromises the Jade wallet makes. He also explained how an additional server-based security step is used to further secure the Jade wallet, and he briefly outlined some additional differences in hardware wallet design, such as those that focus on ease of use.

Finally, van Werdenum, Nahum and Kaufman discussed whether the concept of hardware wallets is a good idea at all or whether it might be better to use dedicated smartphones to store Bitcoin.

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