HE’S GRATEFUL: Cosmos owner Commisso praises those who donated to Go Fund Me

Rocco B. Commisso: “We have had phenomenal support from our friends on both sides of the ocean, and I want to thank everyone who donated.” (Photo from FrontRowSoccer.com)

Rocco B. Commisso is so grateful.

Almost a month ago, the chairman and CEO of Mediacom Communications and owner of Cosmos, together with his Serie A club, AFC Fiorentina, started a Go Fund Me project to help hospitals in northern Italy struggling with the fight against the coronavirus (COVID -19) have to fight.

By Wednesday morning, $ 887,000 had been raised.

The project had a goal of approximately $ 543,000.

The fund is called “Forza E Cuore” (Strength and Heart).

“Since I bought Fiorentina, the people of Florence have welcomed me and my family with open arms,” ​​Commisso said in a statement. “To repay their kindness, we felt compelled to start a fundraiser to help them during this extremely difficult time. We have had phenomenal support from our friends on both sides of the ocean, and I want to thank everyone who donated. “

“Forza E Cuore” is the largest fundraiser in the US that benefits the people of Italy

The von Commisso family donated $ 270,000 to start the project.

The funds will be used to provide key medical supplies and equipment for hospitals in the Florence area, including masks, surgical clothing, hand sanitizers, infrared laser thermometers, virus test kits and ventilators.

The funds will be donated to the Careggi Foundation and the Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation, whose mission is to financially support the main hospitals in Florence, according to the Fiorentina website.

“We thank President Commisso, his family and everyone at Fiorentina for this valuable donation,” said Rocco Damone, Director General of the Careggi Foundation, in a press release. “We are working on using the funds to buy personal protective equipment for operators. The donation has been quick and we need it immediately to better care for the doctors and nurses responsible for treating the coronavirus-affected patients. On behalf of the entire Careggi community, I would like to thank the Commisso family. “

Commisso bought Fiorentina last June.

To contribute to the fund, visit:


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