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Last week, Holo was the talk of the town in the cryptocurrency world. This is not entirely surprising as the altcoin went through a major bull run in very short succession. As was to be expected, this upward trend could not continue indefinitely. After some heavy losses, it remains to be seen what’s next for the Holo Prize in the coming days.

Holo Price encounters great opposition

It is not entirely surprising that all “pumped” markets pull back significantly when the Bitcoin price rises again. Even though Holo might not have been a blatant pump, but its value rose astronomically all week. Some cracks in the facade became visible over the weekend, suggesting that interest in this project is waning. At the same time, even under the current conditions, none of the losses appear insurmountable.

There has been a significant holo price drop in the past 24 hours. More specifically, the altcoin lost up to 5% of its USD value, causing the price to drop again to $ 0.001253. The BTC losses – 6.2% – and the ETH losses – 5.8% – only add even more fuel to the fire. It remains unlikely to hit 42 Satoshi again for the time being, although stranger things have happened in the cryptocurrency over the years.

On social media, opinions about Holo are somewhat divided by the way things look. More specifically, Sveddreamer still seems excited about HOT and thinks it is one of the most attractive investments for 2019. Quite a strong opinion, especially given the recent slump in the market. Nevertheless, this market apparently needed a breather after the strong price gains, which is only to be expected.

Super excited for 2019. I filled my pockets with more $ trx #tron and also invested in two fresh exciting projects called #NPXS @PundiXLabs and #holo $ hot @holochain.

Tell me which project you are most looking forward to this year!

– sveddreamer (@sveddreamer) January 30, 2019

The overall diagram for Holo paints a very interesting picture in many ways. While few people really look at HOT / USD, it is obvious that the recent uptrend was going to end pretty quickly. There are still solid gains for those who bought in very early, but for now, the uncertainty seems to make this altcoin a little less attractive to investors and speculators.

A friend sent me some basic charting work on #holo #hotusd and while I appreciate the gesture, #crypto is just too fickle to map Subpenny IMO in particular. I leave my #holo above 0.00153 from 0.00097, buy for a 57% profit. Leave 10% of the profit for runner or bag holder purposes. pic.twitter.com/YjqMV5ejrb

– QE traders (@QETrader) January 30, 2019

It’s not often that you see a funny meme related to holo. Today is a different day in that regard as HoloIslandNews shared a bit of joy with all of the holo speculators. While it remains to be seen how things will play out over the coming weeks and months, that expected price target of $ 1 will not necessarily materialize anytime soon. That alone is far too ambitious a goal for this project at the moment.

$ hot #holochain #holo #blockchain $ btc $ eth pic.twitter.com/UpkdEHS699

– HoloIslandNews (@HoloIslandNews) January 30, 2019

With all of this information in mind, it quickly becomes clear that the days and weekend ahead can be very interesting. While there is a chance the holo score will rise again, the current lack of purchase support near the 37 satoshi level seems to suggest that nothing big is to be expected right now. The currency had a good run last week, but it seems speculators and investors are already looking for the next wave.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Please do your own research before buying or investing in any cryptocurrency.

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