HOT Price and BTT Price are facing new highs

The crypto space manifests a parallel ecosystem to restore your hard-earned funds to reduce the dominance of the USD. The ecosystem, which has multiplied from $ 1 trillion to more than $ 2 trillion in just three months, shows its growing strength and acceptance recently.


The majority of cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, etc. have smashed new all-time highs offsets. And following the similar trend, the other coins, which fell slightly after hitting ATH, ignite the same dynamic. The Holo (HOT) price and the BitTorrent (BTT) price should soon form a new ATH.

Holo (HOT) price up 12.86%

The holo has seen tremendous growth in trading volume since the middle of the previous trading month, pushing the price to new highs. The price hit the new all-time high of $ 0.03157 last week but did not fail and fell below $ 0.02. However, the price is currently an inch near over $ 0.02 and is moving sharply towards previous highs.

Volume inflow for the project is up 33.28% and has seen more than $ 1 billion in trading volume in the past 24 hours. Market cap also rose 12%, touching $ 3,361,694,935, securing the asset’s rank in the top 50.

Hot price

At the time of writing, the HOT price is $ 0.01991, up 11.96% over the past 24 hours. The growing volume suggests that a decent rise is fast approaching that can help the price regain the lost positions.

Technical analysis

  • The resistance levels at ATH are at $ 0.03157
  • Currently the price is trending around the strong support levels around $ 0.019, otherwise the price could retest the lower support levels at $ 0.017
  • The indicators for the HOT price point to a buy signal

BitTorrent (BTT) prize ready to regain Bull Run

BitTorrent is one of those assets that has a great community that largely supports the BTT price. Price bounced back recently without breaking lower support levels around $ 0.0075. The rebound shows the decline as a healthy correction as the price will soon surpass annual highs.

However, the price at the time of writing is on the verge of testing the lower support levels again. However, a similar recovery is expected for the third year in a row. The platform saw a market cap of over $ 5 billion despite a decent increase in trading volume.

Bit price

At press time, BTT price is $ 0.008298, up 3.41% over the past 24 hours. However, the price is moving south and therefore further recovery is expected in the foreseeable future.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value for the BitTorrent price is initially at $ 0.009 and later at the ATH
  • The support levels are at $ 0.007
  • The indicators for the BTT price point to a buy signal

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