How to Buy Bitcoin SV, Step by Step (with Photos)

In November 2018, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) experienced a hard fork after the community couldn’t agree on what the protocol should look like in the future. As a result of the disagreement and the hard fork that followed, a new digital currency called Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) was born.

This short step-by-step guide will walk you through how to buy Bitcoin SV 2019 with US dollars.

How to buy Bitcoin SV

While there are a number of exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin SV (BSV), for this guide we selected the popular digital assets exchange because it is not only very user-friendly but also allows you to buy digital currencies with Visa supports and Mastercard.

First step: create a Changelly account.

First of all, you need to access the Changelly platform. Then you need to add the dollar amount of Bitcoin SV, referred to as BCHSV in Changelly, before clicking “Swap Now”.

Changelly platform.

Next, you’ll be asked to sign in if you haven’t already, or just sign in if you’ve already created a Changelly account.

To register, you will need to provide an email address and then follow the instructions that will be emailed to you within moments of registering.

Step two: begin your transaction.

Once registered and verified, you can convert your US dollars to Bitcoin SV.

Enter Changelly's amount screen.

Once you enter the US dollar amount – in your example we used US $ 1,000 – you will see what that means in digital currency. In this example it would be 15.575392 BSV.

Step three: enter your wallet address.

Then click “Next Step” and enter your Bitcoin SV wallet address so the exchange knows where to send the money once the transaction is complete. Here it is important to make sure that you are entering a correct wallet address. So check them again before continuing.

(In our example below we used the top BSV wallet address from the Bitcoin SV Rich List. Please do not send money to this address!)

Enter the amount page on Changelly.

Step four: review the details.

After entering your wallet address, double-check the details of your transaction to ensure that all information about the trade is correct.

Change change detail page.

Step five: make the payment and receive your coin.

Finally, you need to make the payment with your debit card and then wait for the transaction to complete. Once the trade is complete, you can find your newly purchased BSV in your Bitcoin SV wallet.

Just pay with your bank card page. has purchase restrictions based on your location. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with how much you can buy before making a transaction on the platform. However, small purchases can be made immediately.

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