How To Buy Ethereum | Buy Ethereum In 4 Easy Steps

People would have laughed at you ten years ago if you held a crypto portfolio. Today, everyone is rushing to put their money in digital currencies. Who doesn’t want to buy a coin at almost zero and sell it for tens of thousands of dollars in just a few years? Investors who missed the primary Bitcoin wave are resorting to buying Ethereum in the US. It is the second-largest crypto with a market cap of $212 Billion. You may also want to jump on the train before it’s too late. Hold your horses if you’re wondering how to get started. You will learn how and where to buy Ethereum in this guide. All you need is a proper internet connection and payment method. Let’s walk you through without further ado.

Buy Ethereum at eToro – #1 Broker

How to Invest in Ethereum in a few Minutes

If you have always wanted to put your money in Ethereum and you just can’t wait, here is an easy way. Follow these few steps and start buying Ethereum for beginners in less than fifteen minutes.

  1. Get an Account with eToro: eToro is the best platform for buying Ethereum in the US in 2021
  2. Verify your Identity: Upload your ID for verification in compliance to government KYC requirements
  3. Fund your Trading Account: Load money into your trading account to start investing in Ethereum.
  4. Buy Ethereum: Go to eToro’s trading platform and buy Ethereum now.

Best Broker To Buy Ethereumin the US 2021- Top Picks

You need to find a reliable trading platform for buying Ethereum for beginners in the US before you can start investing in this coin. eToro is our best choice. Here is our comparison for the best Ethereum brokers 2021 in the US.

1. eToro – Best Broker to Buy Ethereum USA

Whether you’re a noob or a seasoned crypto trader, eToro is your best pick to invest in Ethereum. You want a broker that allows you to buy Ethereum at a low cost and guarantees your money will be safe. As an investor, you should strive to keep your expenditure as low as possible. eToro makes this happen by actually helping you maintain your costs at zero! You will not pay a commission or any other hidden fee when buying Ethereum for beginners with this broker. eToro is a compliant crypto provider under different regulations across the globe. In the US, the company operates under licenses issued by two main financial watchdogs; NFA and CFTC. This means that you can trust them with your funds because they abide by federal laws that exist to protect you, the investor.

One of the requirements that eToro fulfills is keeping client funds in a segregated account. If the company ever runs out of money to operate, your investment will still be intact. Try searching “eToro Reviews” in your browser’s search engine. You will marvel at how many crypto traders worldwide trust this platform. eToro is the number one broker in the US when it comes to customer support. Apart from responding quickly to client issues, they have developed an entire knowledge base where you can find a solution to any problem you’re likely to face when using their platform. Newbies and busy traders love buying Ethereum using eToro in the US because of its state-of-the-art social trading technology.

We all love to start making money as soon as possible whenever we involve ourselves in a new opportunity. You don’t have to wait until you’re a pro trader to start investing if you’re using eToro. Take advantage of copy trading and duplicate trades of successful investors. Don’t freak out if you’ve never used a trading platform. eToro’s platform is user-friendly with a beautiful interface. It’s easy to use, and you don’t need any training to start using it to invest in crypto.

When funding your trading account is a hustle, investing also starts looking like a mirage. eToro understands this too well, and that is why it supports a wide array of payment options. You can deposit funds into your eToro trading account using Debit/Credit cards, bank wire transfers, or e-wallets. The broker is compatible with the most popular and secure e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. Nothing will block your ambitions to make money by buying Ethereum in the US with eToro. We know this is all exciting information. You don’t need to go back to your browser to start investing in Ethereum today. Click on the eToro link on this page to begin enjoying seamless trading.

Summary of eToro Fees

Commission 0%
Deposit charges 0%
Withdrawal charges $5
Inactivity charges $10 per year after 12 months of inactivity
Other fees 0%


Pros Cons
Commission-free trading and no hidden charges $10 fee after a year of inactivity
Complies with federal regulations Not suitable for advanced traders
Keeps client funds in a segregated account
User friendly platform; one does not need the training to use
Extensive research database to support clients


67% of all retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

2. Interactive Brokers – Broker to Buy Ethereum for Asset Diversity

Interactive Brokers- Best Institutional Grade Trading Platform in U.S 2021

If you’re a sophisticated trader looking to invest large sums of money in crypto, you may want to learn more about Interactive Brokers (IB). The platform boasts a good reputation among top traders globally. One of the critical factors that lead advanced traders while looking for a platform to buy crypto in the US is trading tools. IB trading platform comes with multiple advanced technical analysis trading instruments that will serve any sophisticated trader just right. The broker also offers high-end trading programs across all devices, ranging from Windows, iOS to Android.

Enjoy lightning speed execution and interbank trading liquidity when purchasing Ethereum in the US with Interactive Brokers. Just like eToro, you have a wide range of payment options for buying Ethereum with IB. No one is left out.

Fund your account with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Credit/Debit Cards, Master Cards, and even Google Play. If you lack all these, you indeed have a bank account. So, you can finance your IB trading account through a bank wire transfer. Learn how to buy Ethereum with this broker today. Account application with IB is easy and seamless. Having said all that, your pockets must be running deep for you to invest in Ethereum using Interactive Brokers. Your account will not be activated without a minimum deposit of $10,000. So if you’re starting, this might be one hell of a long shot. Even if you have the money, we like to tell new traders to start with a small balance like $500. You don’t want to make a mistake worth $10,000. Always start small and grow your balance as you gain confidence in your trading skills. You may also be disappointed if you want to have a diverse crypto portfolio with IB. The broker only offers four coins; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP Ripple. An investor who wants to put some money in newer coins like dogecoin will be at a disadvantage.

IB recently launched a new product to suit the interests of simple investors. In 2019, the company introduced Interactive Broker Lie (IBKR Lite) to target casual investors and beginners. So if you thought your chances of joining this platform are zero, you have just found a way out. Interactive Broker Lite is a free-to-use platform with zero maintenance fees. You will not get access to some of the sophisticated trading tools available on the pro account when using IBKR-Lite. The minimum investment for a lite account is $0; anyone can use it. Before we conclude, you need to know that you can only buy Ethereum CFD on IB. If you want to own this coin as an asset, you will not get help from Interactive Brokers LLC.

Summary of IB fees

Commission Minimum $1 or 1%
Deposit fees Up to $25
Withdrawal fees 0%
Inactivity fees Yes


Pros Cons
Advanced trading tools for the pro trader Doesn’t offer crypto as an assets. Only CFDs
Institutional speed and efficiency High minimum deposits for IBKR-Pro
Interbank liquidity for CFDs High deposit fees
It fits both casual and sophisticated traders It lacks a user-friendly platform for beginners; one might need training to start using their platform.


67% of all retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

3. Coinbase – Buy Ethereum for Beginners

Buy Ethereum at Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the platforms that people call the father of crypto trading. It was developed mainly to facilitate buying and selling crypto just three years after Bitcoin hit the market. During this time, in 2012, you could only purchase Bitcoin on this platform. After all, cryptos had not infiltrated the world like today. Over time the program adopted newer coins. If you’re looking for a company that will offer you all the cryptos in the world, you may want to consider Coinbase. They may not have all the coins globally, but here you will find up to 70 digital assets. The company is working on listing more than 100 coins before the end of 2022. Being one of the first platforms to introduce digital coin trading to the world, we can comfortably say that Coinbase’s reputation has stood the taste of time. The broker serves a record number of more than than 30 million investors globally. This can only tell you that Coinbase is reliable, efficient, and trusted. We only recommend the best platforms for learning how to buy Ethereum in the US in 2021.

The main idea behind starting Coinbase was to provide beginner crypto traders with a reliable platform. You will love interacting with Coinbase’s trading interface for its friendliness and visual appeal. Like eToro, you don’t need any training or prior crypto trading experience to purchase Ethereum with Coinbase. Registration is straightforward; it takes just a few minutes to set up your Coinbase account and start investing in Ethereum in the US today. Once you get an account with this platform, you can join their educational programs that allow you to earn as you learn. Again, you don’t need any investment for this; it’s just their way of promoting digital coins education. Funding your account might be an issue if you prefer e-wallets; this platform only supports bank wire transfers and credit/debit cards.

Notwithstanding that your options are limited, Coinbase deducts a 3.99% commission for every deposit with a debit or credit card. Additionally, get ready to pay a commission of 1.49% for every transaction you make on this platform. These costs might be expensive if you’re just starting with a small balance.

Summary of Coinbase’s fees

Commission Up to $2.99 per trade
Deposit charges 0%
Withdrawal charges 3.99% withdrawal fees on credit/debit cards
Inactivity charges 0%


Pros Cons
Lists Numerous digital coins Higher trading Commissions
Does not charge an inactivity fee High Deposit fees
No minimum deposit
Long-standing reputation
Trusted by over 30 million investors globally


67% of all retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Why Buy Ethereum in the US 2021

Ethereum could be the Digital Computer of the World.

The popularity of Ethereum is a factor of many things. First, we could say because it was the second major crypto to show up. Apart from that, Ethereum came with a new technology called smart contracts. You have probably heard about or even been part of a contract. But do you know an idea about smart contracts? A smart contract is a set of codes and data, just like a regular contract, that is automatically enforceable. A typical smart contract includes an Ethereum account with a balance. What draws the line between a smart and traditional contract is that the former runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts make it possible to transact under specific rules without an intermediary or an escrow.

Through smart contracts, one can secure ownership of assets such as cars and homes by clicking a button. Likewise, they can make payments through Ethereum without having to follow traditional bureaucracies of asset ownership. This characteristic gives Ethereum a resemblance to a digital computer that is un-ownable, un-shuttable, and available for anyone looking to implement peer-to-peer agreements. As the world embraces this technology, we are likely to see more demand towards Ethereum. Eventually, the price will skyrocket.

Ethereum is Moving to Tokenization

Ethereum has completed its proof-of-work phase and is now shifting to Ethereum stake with the end goal of upgrading it to Ethereum Tokens. People will prefer to own tokenized Ethereum stake rather than the underlying assets. The tokenized version will have a high value and could act as collateral. This is the first time we are seeing crypto transitioning while still keeping its original format. Having Ether 2.0 will see the prices soar to new highs that we have not seen in the past.

Analysts project that every nation globally will use 15% of its GDP in blockchain by 2030. Such a concept will only be viable if we have a tokenized coin. Ethereum is doing that, and we don’t have to argue about it. It’s the most stable and reliable coin that any of us will prefer to stake since Bitcoin will not have BTC tokens. If you are still waiting for an answer on whether to buy Ethereum in the US, there you have it. Head straight to eToro’s website and start investing commission-free today.

Well Known Team

Any intelligent investor has a list of items to look for when deciding whether to buy an asset or not. One of the factors that influence such a decision is the team behind the asset in question. Ethereum was introduced to the crypto world in 2015 by a well-known and respectable founder. Vitalik Buterin, the original author of Ethereum, is loved by many. He has gone ahead to put together a team that believes in the product and will stop at nothing but seeing this digital asset take the lead in the crypto world. The company has a clear plan of where they want to be and how they will get there.

For example, it is are currently working on proof-of-stake. Ultimately, it looks forward to rolling out Ethereum 2.0. What more would an investor be looking for? Traders will continue putting their eggs in this basket because of their confidence in the team leaders. Many did not know Vitalik before Ethereum, but it’s clear as water that he is the right person to steer Ethereum into the future. As a result, we expect to see Ethereum’s value going higher in the following months.

Ethereum can Break Censorship Barriers.

Ethereum runs on a unique decentralization structure that can help keep the world from information censorship. Popular apps, social media service providers, and even communication channels like emails reserve the right to keep or delete anything as they wish. They can even modify information to suit specific agendas. As long as Ethereum is alive, any data stored in its network can be transferable and shareable without government intervention. What’s even juicer is that such info will remain uncensorable and live for a long, long time.

Restriction of information by government bodies and different private institutions is not a minor issue. It’s larger than any of us can imagine. Ethereum will become more valuable as the world continues to unfold the power of protecting information through its blockchain technology. Smart contracts and dApps are ‘un-shuttable.’ This digital coin currently trades at less than half of the 2021 high. Going by the ‘buy low, sell high rule,’ there won’t be a better time to learn how to invest in Ethereum than now.

It’s Reasonably Priced

It might be too late to own a Bitcoin unless you have a big bank account. Not just that, the chances of Ethereum giving you a 500% return in the next few years are far much more than those of Bitcoin. At less than $2,000, most Americans can save towards owning a whole Ethereum coin. Think about people who purchased Bitcoin when it was $2,000 and still hold it at the current price of more than $30,000? If you have thought about being one of these people, you need to start investing in Ethereum for beginners today.

Look at the fundamentals behind this asset, the potential it carries, and what analysts are projecting. You’ll realize Ethereum is undervalued. You don’t want to be regretting in the future, especially after reading this article. eToro can help you invest in Ethereum today. It will just take you a few minutes to set up your account and start taking part in the future. It would be best if you didn’t procrastinate making your first step towards a future of possible financial freedom.

Safest Ways to buy Ethereum US 2021

Safest Ways to buy Ethereum US

The thought that one could lose their money while buying Ethereum for beginners can be scary. It’s true that if you’re not careful, scammers could lure you into their traps. Please don’t be scared; it only happens to individuals who do not follow the proper procedures. Most of them have not come across our article. That is why you need to share it with your friends. You never know who you could be helping. We have already advised you to invest with reputable brokers if you want to stay safe. You can pick from any of the three platforms in this article. If you’re finding it hard to select the best broker, we recommend eToro. Let’s look at the safest ways to buy Ethereum on eToro.

Buy Ethereum with PayPal USA 2021

PayPal is among the most secure methods for buying Ethereum in the US in 2021. Unfortunately, some trading platforms do not support it. We can’t tell why they wouldn’t accept such a credible and secure payment method. Don’t worry because eToro got your back. Simply log in to your eToro account, and go to the funding page. Once there, click on deposit, then select PayPal. You may also opt for Skrill or Neteller. All of them are safe ways to buy Ethereum with eToro. Specify the amount you want to deposit and click enter. If you decide to use a different broker, don’t forget to confirm that they support PayPal before you sign up with them.

Buy Ethereum with PayPal 0% Commission Now >

Buy Ethereum with Visa Card or Master Card USA 2021

You can buy Ethereum securely with your credit card or debit card if you don’t have an e-wallet. Most brokers support this method. The downside is that you may have to pay a commission depending on your trading platform. For example, Coinbase will charge you 3.99% for every deposit you make using your card. If you’re still wondering why we love eToro, there you go. eToro does not charge you anything when funding your account using credit/debit cards to purchase Ethereum in the US.

Buy Ethereum via Visa Card with 0% Commission Now >

Buy Ethereum with Bank Wire Transfer USA 2021

Bank Wire Transfers are safe for buying Ethereum in the US. eToro, Coinbase, and Interactive Brokers accept Bank Wire transfers. Check with your bank to find out the fees for this service before committing yourself. Other vital factors to check are how long it will take for the transaction to complete. The kind of customer support available if you run into a problem is also something you need to consider. Bank Wire transfers are economical for huge transactions but also expensive when transacting small amounts. Nevertheless, this method is very safe to use.

Buy Ethereum via Bank with 0% Commission Now >

Risks of Buying Ethereum US 2021

Ethereum is Many Things

Most cryptos like Bitcoin have a single purpose. That’s not the case when it comes to Ethereum. It’s a currency and many other things at the same time. For example, we talked about how smart contracts run on Ethereum. The result; network congestion, bugs, and continuous breakdowns. The multi-functionality of this coin creates a complex code that might take a long time to streamline fully. Risk-averse investors are still scared of putting their money into this asset unless some of these issues get a permanent solution.

Security Threats

In 2016, DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Exchange) made a loss of $70 million worth of Ethereum. DAO was a smart contract that had raised $150 million worth of Ethereum. Unfortunately, hackers found a way of compromising the security of the code at that time. They wrote a set of instructions that changed DAO’s smart contract details and managed to get away with other people’s money. What followed was the splitting of the original Ethereum blockchain into ETH Classic and ETH. Although Ethereum addressed the issue and improved its security for smart contracts, crypto hackers are a significant threat. Nothing rules out the possibility of another successful hacking attempt in the future. Keeping your Ether safe is undoubtedly an enormous burden but doable.

Risks of Losing your Investment

There is nothing like a sure-fire investment in this world. Market forces are fundamental when it comes to making money from any business. Putting your capital in Ethereum can be risky, just like Bitcoin or any other crypto. Digital assets are highly volatile, which can lead to multiple losses. The value of Ethereum was $4362 on the 12th of May but plummeted to $1,800 a week later. Investors lost a whopping 60% of their money in just a few days. The other drawback is that Ethereum Network fees fluctuate a lot. Small accumulated high costs could turn to losses over time.

Buy Ethereum USA 2021- eToro Guide.

If the info on this page sits well with you, why not go ahead and start buying Ethereum right away? Here is a step-by-step guide for using eToro to invest in Ethereum in the US.

Step 1: Open your Trading Account with eToro

Open an Online Trading Account

Go to eToro’s homepage and start signing up. First, you will have to answer a set of personal questions while setting up your account. So, get ready with the following.

Buy Ethereum with 0% Commission Now >

  • Your full name
  • Residential address
  • Source of Funds
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Information
  • Find a Username

Step 2: Verify your Trading Account

eToro verify
eToro permits you to invest not more than $2,000 before you can verify your trading account. Upload a clear picture of your ID and proof of address to pass this step. eToro is compliant with US regulations. Proof of address could be a recent bank statement, usually less than six months old, or a utility bill within the same period. Whichever document you submit should bear the same address you provided during registration.

Step 3: Funds Deposit

Deposit Funds

eToro supports a variety of payment options. Pick the one you prefer and load your trading account with the money you want to invest in Ethereum. Please note that bank transfers will not reflect in your wallet instantly. Find out with your bank how long this will take before sending your money.

Step 4: Buy Ethereum

eToro crypto trading YFI

You can start buying Ethereum in the US with eToro as soon as money reflects in your wallet. First, look up Ethereum by typing the ticker symbol ‘ETH’ and pressing the enter button once. Select Ethereum once it shows up and start setting your buy trade. In a matter of minutes, you will have completed a buy transaction successfully.


Ethereum Price Analysis

2021 has been a good year for Ethereum. The digital coin started the year at less than $800 and picked a steady uptrend for the first quarter. We saw the value of this asset reach new highs of more than $4,000 by Mid May, outperforming the major rival cryptos. By this time, optimists predicted a closing price of more than $10,000 by the end of the year. The strong upward trend was a factor of the efflux of Decentralized Finance. Ethereum’s market cap also tripled, shooting up by about 320%. It settled at 410 trillion by the 12th of May 2021. At the core of this asset is DeFi. DeFi (Decentralized Finance) facilitates peer-to-peer micro-loaning without the intervention of traditional banks and financial institutions. DeFi hacks that saw users lose up to $300 million in the first five months of the year could not allow Ethereum’s value to continue rising. Other factors like technology bumps have also been significant. The company is facing challenges of scaling to meet the rising demand without exorbitant transaction fees.

In what appeared like a bubble, Ethereum’s value fell by 54% in three days after failing to sustain the weight of high prices amidst numerous challenges. China’s crackdown on crypto did not relent at bolstering the sharp drop in the value of Ethereum. Since then, the digital coin has suffered strong indecision between the support level $1740 and $2400 resistance. Many investors hope that Ethereum will resume skywards in the wake of the summer technical adjustments, but chart analysis appears to favor the bears. We see stronger bearish candlesticks with lower highs and lower lows form. The triangle pattern that started forming on the 26th of May is coming to completion, indicating a possible hell-bent downwards push towards the 400 EMA.

There are glaring similarities between the current trend and the price action in 2018, particularly if the value will drop to the 400 EMA. Investors are keenly watching this market’s behavior to see whether the current support will hold or not. We are likely to see strong panic selling if Ethereum continues to succumb to the strong bear market. A plunge to the $1200 mark will not fail to incite further sell pressure that might take the price this time round to the $400 mark.

Ethereum Price Prediction

The future price of Ethereum relies on many factors, including BTC. Bitcoin is a critical player in the crypto industry. We need it to embarrass its naysayers by strongly rallying back to $65,000. The rest of the crypto sector will follow suit. Going back to 2018, Ethereum shot up to more than $1200 after a 90% drop. In 2021, it has already done about 350% upwards and is now down by half of that. Comparing it to Bitcoin that has only managed to rise by 100%, we can comfortably say that Ethereum is still poised to go up.

Fresh investors set up more than 8 million new Ethereum accounts with balances within the first four months of 2021. Unique transactions shot up by a total of $1.5 trillion within the same period. Ethereums road to the skies has always been rough, but it never stops pushing for higher prices. Today it’s one of the few coins that are not just a store of value but many other things at the same time. The large number of DeFi Apps, dApps, smart contracts, and NFTs running on the Ethereum blockchain are among the many reasons why its value will go back to $4,000 anytime soon.

The biggest boom will come after the upgrade to Ethereum 2.0. New speeds, more security, higher capacity, and lower transaction fees will send Ethereum above $5,000. If all this does not make sense to you, here is a more interesting fact. Ethereum is transitioning to green technology. The concept of proof of stake lowers emissions by 99.9%. Imagine how much interest this asset will attract from investors. Tesla stopped accepting purchases of their products with Bitcoin due to the increasing use of fossil fuels in Bitcoin mining. The result was a 50% loss in BTC’s worth. Here is a currency that is about to lessen its emissions to zero. Picture Ethereums demand in the coming few months. Goldman Sachs analysts predict a high of $8,000 to $10,000 by the end of 2021. We think you should invest in Ethereum before it gets to $20,000 by the close of 2022.

Selling Ethereum: A Quick Overview

After buying Ethereum and earning good returns, you will want to cash-out. You don’t want a situation where you’re rich but you don’t know how to access you finances. No cause for alarm. Selling your coins is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Go to your portfolio and click on Ethereum. When the trade window opens, look for ‘sell button’ at the center bottom. Click on it and your money will go direct to your wallet. Here you can withdraw it, or invest in other assets.

Conclusion – Buy Ethereum USA

Ethereum is a mainstream crypto with the second largest market cap, but it has never had a steady trend. Its worth always has a way of going up, even when rippling up and down. The future for Ethereum looks bright with a lot of upcoming changes. We are waiting for Ethereum 2.0 eagerly. Meanwhile, this is the right time to start investing in Ethereum. You don’t need to pump in all your finances. Instead, resolve to put in some little funds every month, and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll achieve soon. Ethereum is an excellent investment. You will not forgive yourself in the future if you fail to purchase it now. eToro is ready to help you achieve your investment goals. So run to their website and sign up to start buying Ethereum in the US today. – Best Platform to Buy Ethereum



How can I buy Ethereum in the US?

Buying Ethereum can be a hustle for the average Joe. All you need to start investing in Ethereum for beginners is to set up a trading account with a platform like eToro, fund it and buy Ethereum in the US. Of course, a stable internet connection is a prerequisite.

Where to Buy Ethereum?

Many platforms offer Ethereum. The choice depends on your needs, financial muscles, and personal preferences. For a beginner who is not sure where to start from, we recommend eToro. We picked eToro because they offer 0% commission trading. Additionally, the broker is compliant with the necessary federal laws for consumer protection.

Is Ethereum a Good Investment?

Investing in Ethereum should be a no-brainer. It is the second-largest crypto coin by market cap. Analysts predict that the value of this asset will hit highs of more than $10,000 in the coming few years, especially with the rolling out of Ethereum 2.0. We are likely to see this version of Ethereum shake up the financial industry in a big way.

Is it Safe to Invest in Ethereum?

Buying Ethereum is safe. What matters is how and where you buy it. You can buy Ethereum safely using e-wallets, credit/debit cards, or bank wire transfers. Find a platform that is regulated by the US financial watchdogs like NFA and CFTC to remain protected.

How to Sell Ethereum

Selling Ethereum is very easy. After all the hard-work, it shouldn’t be difficult to cash-out. At the botton center of your trade window, click on sell. It’s that simple. Check your wallet in a few minutes and you’ll find your money waiting for you.

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