How to protect your Bitcoin from emergencies with the BitPlates Domino

Preserving your Bitcoin wallet recovery seed is vital to self-sovereignty. This is how it works with the BitPlates Domino steel locking plate.

This article shows how to use the Domino Stainless Steel Bitcoin Seed Phrase Backup Disk from BitPlates to protect the recovery information for a Bitcoin wallet from fire, flood, or other disaster.

Congratulations on jumping into Bitcoin self-custody. This way, you no longer have to rely on third party permission to access your Bitcoin and use it whenever you see fit. An added benefit of self-custody is that it reduces the risk of third parties – you no longer have to worry about a stock market hack taking all of your bitcoins out of the control of your trusted custodian. Self-custody puts you in control of your bitcoin and ensures that in the event of a disaster, you retain access to your bitcoins.

By stamping your BIP39 bitcoin wallet recovery words on a stainless steel medium like the Domino®, you can be sure that you have backed up the information you need to recover your bitcoin wallet and regain access to your money, whether you are Lose your cell phone, desktop or hardware wallet and / or you are the victim of an environmental hazard such as fire or flood. If you secured your Bitcoin wallet with an additional passphrase when you first set it up, you can also buy multiple Domino disks to secure this information.

BitPlates offers several different options in two different grades. The industrial grade is made of 304 stainless steel and the marine grade is made of 316L stainless steel. There are three sizes in each quality: Pocket, Original and Grande.

The larger the plate, the more space there is in each square to stamp the corresponding points.

Each panel is 3 millimeters (mm) thick and 100 mm high, but the widths vary depending on the model:

  • Pocket: 3mm x 100mm x 75mm
  • Original: 3 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm
  • Grande: 3mm x 100mm x 125mm

The second generation plate row has an etched alphabet on the left, compared to the first generation plates that did not contain the alphabet. Each domino also has a 3mm hole that can be used for a number of storage techniques, such as:

In this guide, I’ll be demonstrating the original industrial-grade Domino. I used a 24 word seed phrase generated by a ColdCard. This is the hardware wallet I recommend for the reasons outlined here, but you can use any BIP39 compatible Bitcoin wallet. If you’re looking for a guide to the options available, here are my recommendations for getting started with Android, iPhone, and desktop. The domino can be used for any BIP39 compatible seed phrase, e.g. B. those with 12, 18 or 24 words.

Only the first four letters of each word are required as no two words in the BIP39 word list have the same first four letter order. Start with a permanent marker just in case you make a mistake, then double-check your work before moving on to the spring-loaded stamp. The alphabet template can help keep the letters properly aligned as you move across the grid.

On the first side of the plate, use a single dot for words one through six and a double dot for words seven through 12. If words share a common character, stamp three dots in this square. Some words from the BIP39 list are only three letters long, so in these cases the fourth square is left blank when it is not needed. Using the back of the plate, repeat the process for words 13-18 and 19-24. Make sure the words are in order one through 24.

Here is a video that demonstrates the process:

When you’re done, you can use rubbing alcohol or acetone to remove the permanent marker from the plate and the result is a clean, readable, and organized backup.

Now that the seed words for Bitcoin wallet recovery are safe, let’s test the domino’s durability against incandescent temperatures of around 1,500 ° C, just below the melting point. Then we can check whether this security method is guaranteed to withstand a house fire. After you’ve double-checked and double-checked your backup by restoring your wallet, you should safely burn the paper copy.

The domino passed the test and all 24 words are 100% recoverable!

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In summary, the Domino is a robust backup method for Bitcoin wallets. One of my favorite features is that at 3mm, it’s thicker than most steel backups. I also like that it comes in multiple sizes to suit a variety of needs or hiding spots. Multiple disks can be used to secure advanced security methods such as an additional passphrase, SeedXOR or multisig. For example, a secondary domino could be used to stamp a second set of words from the BIP39 list and this could even generate a decoy wallet with some emergency funds stored in case of emergency. Then, for example, the first six words could actually be the passphrase for the primary wallet that was secured by the first Domino. This video shows the technique.

There are many clever solutions you could implement to secure your Bitcoin wallet with high levels of entropy.

To learn more about BitPlates and its range of secure Bitcoin backups, visit his website, follow him on Twitter, or watch his video tutorial here.

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