How will the return to the Central Division affect the Colorado Avalanche next season?

There is a sense of normalcy that comes back to life.

Had the Colorado Avalanche made it into the third round of the playoffs in 2021, the Ball Arena would have hosted a full audience for the first time since March 11, 2020. The opening night in October is expected to be attended by a full audience, with Avs believers making a huge difference to team performance every night.

With this return to normal is connected a change to the regular line-up of the Central Division for Colorado. The Avalanche has not seen an opponent in over two years. With this in mind, how will the return to the regular leagues flow into the Avs’ journey into the Cup this season?

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Fortunately, the Avs have seen the Blues, Wild, and Coyotes many times over the past season. Yes, in case anyone should forget, the Coyotes will be moved to the Central Division thanks to the introduction of the Seattle Kraken to the Pacific Division.

The Avs boasted a record over .500 over each of those teams last season, including a four-game sweep of the Blues in the first round of the playoffs. For the past two years, however, some old enemies have been missing from the Avs board.

The Avalanche is again visited by the Stars, Blackhawks, Predators and Jets. Despite some questionable changes in the off-season of other clubs, no team at Central should be taken lightly.

Chicago Blackhawks versus Colorado Avalanche

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It was always a bit annoying to play against the Central Division. Because of the close competition that the division faces each season in terms of playoff races, it is considered the toughest division in hockey. With an additional team added to the picture, things get even more competitive during the division game.

With the strength of the squad, the Avs should make the playoffs easily. There won’t be a head-to-head battle with the Vegas Golden Knights for the top spot in the division, but that doesn’t guarantee the top spot in the Central. But the two will certainly fight again for the top dog of the West.

Make sure the Avs fight for the top with the Winnipeg Jets. It seems like every other team in the division with contract or cap issues is shooting each other in the foot. With Conor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers upset in the first round last season, the Jets will try to build on that and take them south of the border in the regular season.

Winnipeg Jets versus Colorado Avalanche

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With the return of the regular divisions, the Avs will again travel to the east coast and Canada. While not as important as the division game, in a full 82 game season it’s still something to consider.

In ice hockey, it will be back to normal for the first time in a long time. The Avs won’t see the same seven opponents all season, and we won’t have to deal with puckdrops at 8:30 p.m. on the California coast all the time.

After returning to normal, keep an eye out for the summaries of the Avs’ most recent games against teams in their respective divisions. Although things have changed significantly since the teams last met, it’s good to recap and remember what each team brings on the ice each night.

First of all, the last matches of the Avalanche vs. Metropolitan Division, which will follow shortly!

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