I Am The Avalanche is set to weather the storm for a Brooklyn reunion show

I Am The Avalanche: Left to right: Brett Romnes, Brandon Swanson, Vinnie Caruana, Kellen Robson, Mike Ireland
Photo by Julian Gilbert

It could have gone so terribly wrong. In fact, the interview with I Am The Avalanche frontman Vinnie Caruana imploded several long tense minutes before it barely began. Without either of us noticing, Caruana speaks of a band and this interview is for another. After a few uncomfortable sentences, nothing makes sense anymore. We both wonder what the hell the other is talking about and what the hell is going on. Then we’ll find out.

“I thought the interview was for Movielife,” says Caruana of his first band that plays shows all year round. No! This interview is for I Am The Avalanche, the band he formed after Movielife quit (so to speak) in 2003, and the highly anticipated (sold out six weeks ago) reunion show at the Williamsburg Music Hall on January 23rd . Expected with great anticipation, namely by the fans of IATA, because for the first time in around two years all original members will be back on stage.

“This year the music keeps me very busy because I’m in two bands and my solo stuff too,” says Caruana. “That’s how I like it, but it can get like a circus act in my brain. It can get a little crazy to keep all these things straight. “

Now we’re both on the same page for I Am The Avalanche’s “Reunion” show, and Caruana couldn’t be excited about the gig anymore. “I thought it would be ambitious to book a show at the Williamsburg Music Hall. I didn’t think we could fill a room this size. We’re overwhelmed that it’s sold out. It shows us that we are doing the right thing now that the band is whole again, ”he says from his home in Brooklyn.

It wasn’t like the hardcore quintet, with drummer Brett “The Ratt” Romnes (who also works as a producer and directed IATA albums), guitarists Brandon Swanson and Mike Ireland, bassist Kellen Robson, who officially gives up, or even? used words like pause, at least Caruana can’t remember them. The problems weren’t personal either: Not every musician just wants exhausting tour plans to rule his life. “After all the touring for Wolverines,” he says of the band’s third album, which was released in 2014, “we lost a few members. They wanted time for other things in life; I get it, ”he says.

When Caruana returned to Movielife, the future of I Am The Avalanche was in the air, and most assumed the band was done. Since the members pursued other interests (Ireland, for example, is a partner in two Bushwick bars: The Three Diamond Door and Pearl’s), it initially looked as if only Caruana and Romnes were interested in continuing any kind of musical relationship with each other. “The Ratt and I had a chat and wondered what to do. It was like, do we get new musicians in? What do we want to do? We didn’t like the idea of ​​making a new album and touring with all the new guys, ”Caruana recalls her first thoughts.

Instead, they decided to let it sit. Caruana started with Movielife and worked with Romnes on his solo album, which he says will be released this year. Then, just as naturally as it stopped after all the band members had sat down with a beer, the IATA started again. “We talked about it and listened to each other and decided we weren’t going to tour intensely again. We are all very happy with this decision. We want to do fun shows at our own pace and be picky about what we do. “

With this show bringing the band members back to their previous roles, Caruana says it’s too early to say if a new album is in the pipeline. “I would say we will definitely be releasing some music. I don’t know what form it will be in. I mean, we never officially broke up, but things don’t go as usual; we’re not a full-time band again. But I would be very disappointed if we didn’t make new music: We’re a band, that’s what bands do.

“It’s not like we said, ‘Hey, we’re breaking up,'” he continues. “And it’s not that I Am The Avalanche was the kind of band that put out a lot of albums – we’ve only done three full-lengths in ten years. We’ll all be on stage together as it should be. People all over the world may not see us that often and maybe the decision is selfish, but for us to be together, to be a unit, it has to be fun. If we’re together and play a show here and there, that’s a win. “

The only thing he’s worried about right now is the impending winter storm, which is being hailed by the media. “I grew up here, it always is, especially during the first storm of winter,” he says of reviews that fuel the hysteria. “But you never know. If there’s a bad storm, who knows how that will affect the show. I’ll go to the rehearsal right after this interview; all systems are fine for us.”

I Am The Avalanche will play at the Williamsburg Music Hall on January 23rd. The show is sold out, but check out the secondary markets for tickets.

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