I wouldn’t vote for a bitcoin party

If one day there is an election with an “orange party” on the ballot, they won’t have my vote. The beauty of Bitcoin is that it doesn’t take a formal political party to make change. It will continue to use monetary energy to become the global standard regardless of whether laws are passed to accelerate that adoption. In fact, their ideals reject the entire centralized premise that a political party represents. Bitcoin does not grow through legal forced adoption, but rather spontaneously through free minds who make the choice that is best for themselves, their family and their future. Growing in this decentralized way makes the Bitcoin network more robust as it eliminates every single point of failure and ensures that Bitcoin remains true to its claim to be a decentralized currency.

Having politicians promoting Bitcoin and writing laws to protect the rights of Bitcoin holders is a great thing, but a formal political party centered around Bitcoin would cross a bridge too far. Any Bitcoin political party would care about the goal of converting the United States to a Bitcoin standard. I love the idea of ​​a bitcoin standard. I want a bitcoin standard. However, this is not the way to get a bitcoin standard. Switching to a Bitcoin standard by centralized and enforced means would jeopardize the entire movement. The second this is done by force, we bend down to the level of the central banks that we want to exterminate. We can only achieve a Bitcoin standard when the time comes, and the time will only be right if it is achieved organically.

I already vote for the bitcoin party, and so do you every time we stack sats. Bitcoin is both political and apolitical. It rejects modern politics and partisanship, but at the same time it can be viewed as a political ideology in itself that values ​​free markets, individual rights, private property and voluntary community. We are already a political party; We are just not marked as one. If a politician promoting Bitcoin is really one of us, then his allegiance to Bitcoin replaces the F or E next to his name. Bitcoin goes beyond traditional partisan politics and is instead a global decentralized movement for freedom, self-sovereignty and sustainability.

In many ways the future is binary: we either keep voluntary cooperation or succumb to involuntary collectivism. The next battle bitcoiners must prepare for to prevent the latter from becoming a reality is the adoption of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). While Bitcoin is the advocate of voluntary collaboration, CBDCs advocate the advocate of involuntary collectivism.

CBDCs are perhaps the greatest totalitarian tool ever created to censor purchases of items that the government does not approve, in order to easily implement inflationary monetary policy that increases economic inequality, to collect huge amounts of data on citizens’ everyday lives and To create systems that score with social credit and to expand the regulatory state. If either of those scares you, good because they are the direct opposite of anything you bought when you bought Bitcoin.

However, it is imperative that we not give in to these fears by uniting ourselves in a political party that empowers Bitcoin through legislative violence. Instead, we just need to continue promoting Bitcoin in a way that is consistent with the reason we were drawn to the technology in the first place: not enforced, transparent, and decentralized. All we can do is point NoCoiner in the right direction, and after doing some research of our own, I’m confident they will come to the same conclusion as we do: Bitcoin is the most solid money ever made and made for a necessity for those seeking protection becomes their wealth and civil liberties.

Where a person stands from left to right on the political spectrum is far less important than the side they choose in the struggle between freedom on Bitcoin and dependence on fiat. Either a currency that promotes freedom and peace wins, or authoritarian CBDCs make the dystopian novels that terrify so many come true. Henry Ford famously said, “It is good enough that the people of our nation do not understand our banking and monetary system because if they do, I believe there will be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Bitcoin has enlightened me about the problems of our current monetary system and will only continue to enlighten me if people prefer financial freedom to financial serfdom. The revolution won’t happen tomorrow morning or the next, but it will happen in the years and decades to come as the patience of growing Bitcoin organically pays off. The Bitcoin community must continue to educate others about Bitcoin and its virtues, but we must do so in a way that does not require violence or coercion.

This is a guest post by Jack Kriesel. The opinions expressed are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC, Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.

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