Infinito Wallet is the first universal wallet to support EOS MainNet

We have another exciting news for you: Infinito Wallet will support the EOS MainNet Token Swap starting June 7th, 2018. Participating in EOS is important to all of us just because it is on its way to becoming a new force among the titans of the blockchain world.

Important points for the start of EOS, Mainnet and Mainnet

Why is EOS important?

EOS is a decentralized platform that allows anyone to create, store and run blockchain-based applications (dApps) on their system. What sets EOS apart from its class is its ability to fix weaknesses in current blockchain-based systems such as transaction speed and scalability.

In fact, EOS has its unique mechanism called the parallel execution and asynchronous communication method. It separates all modules related to the operation of dApps in order to prevent overloading in times of high data traffic. In particular, all transactions can be carried out at the same time without having to wait for them to be used. It is estimated that EOS can do around 300,000 transactions per second, and this is a big difference from Ethereum (5.2 transactions per second).

Amazingly, the EOS model eliminates transaction fees and developers don’t have to pay any costs to run their applications on the EOS platform.

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What is mainnet in general?

Put simply, a mainnet is the official version of a blockchain. In detail, it allows the transfer of digital currencies between senders and recipients and the execution of tasks before the standard. A mainnet works because it has already passed the required tests in a test network. Imagine that testnest is used for testing and mainnet is used for operating the “end product”.

What starts a mainnet?

The start of Mainnet will make the blockchain available to the masses. In the case of EOS, the launch of the mainnet means that individuals and companies can now begin developing, hosting and running decentralized apps and conducting transactions on the EOS platform.

Infinito Wallet support plan

What does Infinito Wallet offer?

For end users who have already completed an EOS registration, you can now be sure that your new tokens are transferrable to the new EOS mainnet. As usual, Infinito Wallet takes care of all technical requirements and end users do not have to do anything.

What does that mean?

Your ERC20 tokens are safe in Infinito Wallet as long as you have completed an EOS registration. No need to worry about wallet mapping, single or double private key mode. Take convenience for granted! Now you can keep track of your profits with EOS’s rich potential mainnet. This is just one more step after our wizard solutions like getting ready for the BCH fork or adding three new features to support ICO investments. The more we support our end users, the more we are proud and believe in the trust model we have chosen.

The Infinito Wallet team knew that end users had a keen interest in EOS, and we designed solutions to serve end users as best we can. With the help of Infinito Wallet, end users will immerse themselves in EOS and enter a rich potential ecosystem that can bring them more profit and priceless experiences with the blockchain world.

Via Infinito Wallet

Infinito Wallet positions itself as the leading universal wallet for crypto users and serves as a gateway for users to maximize the use and potential of their cryptocurrencies. By selectively expanding our partner network, Infinito Wallet aims to build an ecosystem of practical blockchain services, including exchanges, ID / KYC solutions, and other blockchain-related business services. At the same time, we support developer and business communities with an open blockchain infrastructure of technologies and compliant services so that they can create, start and operate innovative products and services seamlessly and efficiently.

The Infinito Wallet team has extensive work experience in the blockchain space and a team of 70 dedicated members, including developers, designers, researchers, business and marketing executives and customer service representatives. Registered in the Isle of Man, UK, Infinito Wallet is part of Infinity Blockchain Labs Europe with the sole mission of being the world’s leading cryptocurrency wallet for communities.

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