Interview: Gabriel Shapiro on Bitcoin regulations

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This episode of “The Biz” featured Gabriel Shapiro, a seasoned “crypto” lawyer for Bitcoin and Altcoin companies. Hosts John Carvalho and Shapiro bridged the gap between Bitcoin, Ethereum, regulations, contracts and much more.

Shapiro took the time to contrast what he thinks Bitcoiners miss about Ethereum supporters and what Ethereans miss about Bitcoin. Carvalho managed to remain courteous on altcoin issues and did his best to gather useful information for the listeners.

Shapiro is well aware of the value of decentralization in managing contracts and risks for its customers and sees “crypto” as an overall improvement over fiat and centralized technology companies like Facebook and Google.

Carvalho and Shapiro discussed the track record of how US government agencies handled and regulated Bitcoin and their lack of enforcement on Shitcoin scams … while trying to predict how things might play out in the future. Don’t miss this open talk about Bitcoin, Shitcoin Ethics, Law and Government!

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