Investors back DASH after overbought it

Run restored bullish strength after soaking in its cost a little. The coin hurried to recover and began to climb consistently. Its current market cap remains at $ 2.3 billion, an increase of 12%. After the ascent, the exchange volume increased by 112.5% ​​in 24 hours. The recovery brought interest back. The DASH / BTC pair stays at 0.003293 BTC, an intraday increase of 8.43%. The volume / market capitalization increases to 0.1987. Current market cost is far from reaching their stellar annual salary of $ 476.85, and this cost will be the definitive drag on the coin. Anyway, DASH has been doing better lately, with 23.67% better execution month over month. Strangely enough, the token didn’t meet expectations half a year ago, but has finally got its bullish strength back.

The graph is currently teeming with pullbacks alongside bullish energy. The current value candle lies above the three significant EMA lines that are used to assess its future condition. Regardless of the DASH fall in late September, the token recovered 60% of its pre-fall cost. At this point, the EMA lines stay together during the scaling, which means that DASH is bullish for both current and long-term speculation.

The MACD line encountered great unpredictability half a month ago, but has finally approached the impartial level and remains at the same time as the histogram. MACD shows a holding period for venture and shopping zone for exchange. However, the RSI is in the amazingly overbought territory, meaning the token is becoming oversold and could soon see a loss in value. Still, one can definitely consider that the decline would make up for the coin again if proceeded with bullish force as before.

Run will meet opposition at $ 256.512 and support at $ 170.59.



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